7 Resources To Help You Become Stronger In Sales

by Paul Castain on May 6, 2016

Here are 7 resources to help become stronger in sales and they’re all useless until you take ACTION!

1) The Sales Playbook App

This, to me, is the #1 thing you should be taking full advantage of! It’s basically a free 10-40 minute sales lesson coming at cha 6-8 times per month. There are 250 FREE lessons that you will have immediate access to once you click HERE and download my app.

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2) My  Sales Tips Newsletter

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3) The Sales Playbook Community On LinkedIn

There are over 56,000 aspiring sales rock stars in our LinkedIn community and it’s very different than the bulk of the groups you’ll find on LinkedIn. How? For starters, we actually manage the community and allow absolutely no spam, self promo or pissing contests you’ll find in the other groups. You’ll also find that when someone has a need, our community is quick to jump in and offer their ideas and expertise.

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4) This Blog

I offer free sales tips here several days per week and if you really want to rock your sales, you might want to check out the more than 1500 posts that are right here waiting for you!

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5) My How To Hunt More Effectively Course

Too many sales reps rely exclusively on the phone when it comes to hunting for new business.

I created this online course to help you marry your phone efforts with  email, snail mail, FedEx, drop ins, drop offs,  traditional networking, social networking, referrals, creativity etc.

Its available as an instant download so you can go at your own pace!

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6)  How To Sell More Via Your Social Network

Ever wonder how you can use all this “Social Networking” stuff to sell MORE?

Then this on demand course, will help you big time!

You can learn more and download it instantly by clicking HERE.


7) My 1 On 1 Coaching Program

When you’re serious about becoming a sales rock star, you’re going to need the guidance of someone who’s been, there, done that and ideally someone who’s still in the trenches.

You can learn more about my coaching program by clicking HERE and make sure you sign up for my FREE guide to help you select a sales coach!

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Here are 5 solid reasons to have more than just cold calling in your sales toolbox.

1) Many people just don’t answer their phone any more. If you put all your eggs in that ONE basket, you miss out. And “I’ll just make more calls” is simply doing more of an unproductive activity.

2) Everyone has their own preferred method of communication. If you put all your eggs in the “cold call” basket, you miss out. Oh, and you do know that it’s what your potential customer prefers and not you, right?

Time Out: This ISN’T just about cold calling! If you’re clinging too tightly to LinkedIn, traditional networking, email, snail mail, drop ins etc . . . I’m talking to you too!

3) If all you’re doing is calling, you become very typical and in many cases, predictable with gusts of boring and antiquated. And why would you continue relying on the phone exclusively when you aren’t getting anywhere with someone? Why wouldn’t you try something else . . . in addition to your phone efforts?

Same thing goes for those of you who continue emailing when you aren’t getting a response. And do hang your head if you aren’t getting a response, and yet you keep forwarding the same, sh*tty email, to the same person, thinking this time will be different. And when you get done hanging your head, here are my 70 best email tips.

4) If all you do is cold call, and you’re not a huge fan of it, chances are you’re finding things to help you avoid doing it like administrative tasks, spending too much time in the plant and running to see Lumbergh about those TPS reports!

Fess up . . . Do you avoid cold calling?

So if cold calling is your exclusive hunting method and yet you’re avoiding it . . .

How’s that working out for you?

5) You’re most probably working against the way you’re wired. How? Salespeople function better when we have a variety of activities and not just one. Oh, and when you know you have to do one, mundane activity, do you go out of your way to do that activity, or do you tend to avoid it? You’re welcome for that free psychoanalysis.

So right about now, you have all the those who watched Wolf of Wall Street way too many times, getting their panties in a bunch, because it appears as though I just “dissed” the cold call.

Nope, in fact I think the phone is an important part of our “sales mix” of activities.

Emphasis on the word “Part” as in Part Of, Not ALL Of!

I just think that many of you are forgetting, that there’s a whole world of touches out there, that can truly complement (not replace) the “cold call”.

In other words . . .

Your Cold Call Is Lonely And Needs Companionship From OTHER Forms Of Outreach!

Want Better $ales Results? Try Mixing It Up!

We’ll be talking more about this during our webinar, A Simple Plan To Grow Your Sales, this Tuesday, May 10th, at 11:30 am EST or . . .

If you’d like to learn how you can use email, snail mail, FedEx, drop ins, drop offs, traditional networking, social networking, creative approaches to complement your phone efforts, then you should check out this cool, instant download by CLICKING HERE or that lethal cat banner below.

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T-Minus 5 Days Until The Plan Is Revealed

by Paul Castain on May 5, 2016


We are now officially in The Final Countdown (tell me you didn’t start humming that tune) for A Simple Plan To Grow Your Sales.

It’s a detailed (but yet simple) plan to help you . . .

Get New Business

Retain and WOW Existing Accounts

Grow Existing Existing Accounts

While managing ALL the challenges that make it difficult to accomplish those 3 critical things!

Oh no . . .

I just caught you and you know what I caught you doing!

I just caught you thinking you DON’T need any new ideas and certainly (God forbid) any training?

There’s probably a really good chance that I caught you thinking “There’s more than enough free ideas out there and I don’t want to part with my cash”

Here’s the sad reality . . .

You DO need new ideas (we all do by the way) and . . .

The free sh*t is limiting you!


Because when you invest in yourself, you usually take action. When you don’t, you tend to just consume the content. Oh, and when you pay for something, there’s usually some urgency when you don’t, it gets thrown in the pile of other free things you haven’t quite gotten to yet.

I’m also here to tell you that as much as you like the free things I offer here, I offer a much higher level of content in my webinars and my courses. I mean it would be silly for me not to, especially when I sell this stuff, right?

You also get access to me to answer questions, help you work an idea through etc.

So you miss out in that regard when you avoid the webinars and courses I offer.

At some point, you are going to have a difficult decision to make;

You can keep doing, what you’ve been doing and hope it will get you were you want to go

Or you can tell your ego to leave the room and acknowledge that you might need some help getting there.

If you’d like to join those of us in that second group,then click HERE and check out what I have planned for you in the webinar.

If you’d rather go all in, then click HERE and check out this instant download.

2016 is ticking away! Soon we’ll be at the halfway point!

NOW might be a good time to modify your game plan!

To your success!




Why You’ve Been Missing Opportunities

by Paul Castain on May 5, 2016

In this week’s episode of The Sales Playbook Podcast, we discuss several, really important things, that most sales people miss.

Missing these things, causes sales reps, to miss mucho opportunities, and the best part, is that most people, aren’t even aware that they’re missing it!

Talk about a “Silent Killer”, huh?

Whenever I lay this out during my keynote speeches, people begin taking notes furiously, there’s a sea of “head nods” and even that look in the eyes that says “Holy smokes, I need to change the way I’m going about it!”

By the way, some of you are “too busy” to listen to these FREE sales lessons;

That’s a bullsh*t excuse!

Make the time . . .

It’s your career dude!

Download the podcast and listen to it while you’re in the car, on that flight etc but;

Don’t tell me you don’t have the time to get better at what you do!

Jim Rohn said it best . . .

“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way, if you don’t, you’ll find and excuse!

Download this episode (right click and save)

T-Minus 5 Days Until We ROCK Your Sales

I’ll be sharing how you can “show up” consistently and over 25 ideas to help you outfox your competition. (and sell MORE) during our May 10 webinar,  A Simple Plan To Grow Your Sales.

Here’s what you’ll gain by joining us . . .

  • 10 Ways To Absolutely ROCK Your Selling Efforts
  • The 3 Drivers Of Sales Success and How To Get Them (and keep them) On Your Calendar
  • A Simple Routine To Help Grow Your Sales
  • 3 Automated Sales Tasks That Will Save You Time and Make You Money
  • How To Add 16 More Selling Days Without Infringing Upon Your Social Life (Remember When You Had A Social Life?)
  • The 5 Obstacle That Get In The Way Of Growing Your Business (and what you can do about them)
  • How To Blow Off Unnecessary Meetings and Eliminate Other Time Wasters Without Being A Dick About It
  • The One Thing That WILL Make You More Productive Immediately With Your Selling Efforts

Click HERE or the banner below to learn more and to reserve your seat.

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Woman controlling time


confusing plan

For the last few weeks, we’ve been talking, a lot, about the importance of having a sales plan that helps you;

Bring in New Business

Retain and WOW That Business

Grow That Business

Sometimes we complicate our own efforts and as a result, our brain helps us find really safe “Avoidance Activities” so we . . . wait for it . . .wait for it . . . AVOID the activities that help us bring home the bacon.

Let’s face it . . . you’re busy!

You have all kinds of sales tasks that you need to complete each and every day, but unfortunately . . . many of them take you away from prospecting!

If you’re like many sales professionals, that can lead to inconsistent prospecting which can hurt you in because . . .

1)    You’re not working your “hunting muscle groups”. So when you do, eventually get back to prospecting, you’re rusty and it takes you forever to get your groove back!

2)    You’re not visible enough, on a consistent basis, for your prospect to know who you are. You’ve slipped off their radar screen and worse yet, when you do call, you lose precious time while they try and process an important question “Who the hell is this dude?”

3)    Your competitor gains visibility. You could have the best widget in the world but if your prospect doesn’t know about you and meanwhile they hear from your competitor . . . guess what happens?

But Putting Prospecting On Your Calendar ISN’T Enough …

You need to create an effective plan, that excites you BEFORE putting it on a calendar and unfortunately long blocks of “cold calls” (for most sales reps) will have them avoiding the activity right quick.


Because as sales professionals, we just aren’t wired, to do any one task, for an extended period of time!

On May 10th, at 11:30 am EST, we’re going to lay out a plan that makes sense for YOU!

One where you can balance . . .

Hunting For New Business

Wowing Your Existing Clients

Growing Your Existing Accounts

We’ll talk about HOW to go about this as well as WHEN, as in “When the heck can I get this on the schedule?”

Here are a few other things you can expect during our time together;

10 Ways To Absolutely ROCK Your Selling Efforts

  • 10 Ways To Absolutely ROCK Your Selling Efforts
  • The 3 Drivers Of Sales Success and How To Get Them (and keep them) On Your Calendar
  • A Simple Routine To Help Grow Your Sales
  • 3 Automated Sales Tasks That Will Save You Time and Make You Money
  • How To Add 16 More Selling Days Without Infringing Upon Your Social Life (Remember When You Had A Social Life?)
  • The 5 Obstacle That Get In The Way Of Growing Your Business (and what you can do about them)
  • How To Blow Off Unnecessary Meetings and Eliminate Other Time Wasters Without Being A Dick About It
  • The One Thing That WILL Make You More Productive Immediately With Your Selling Efforts

A Simple Plan To GROW Your Sales!


May 10th, at 11:30 EST. Can’t make it that day? Sign up anyway and I’ll send you the recording on the 11th!

What Do You Get?

(1) 90 minute “live” (as opposed to dead) webinar


Webinar recording

Plus 2 FREE Bonuses . . .

After the webinar, I’ll be sending you a FREE bonus PDF and a link to a FREE, secret resource page, with additional ideas, links etc.

What’s The Investment?


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