A Joke About A Bank That Stole The Sale

by Paul Castain on October 24, 2014

A young man walks into a bank wearing a hoodie and tries to cash in a bunch of change.

The Teller asks him if he has an account.

He replies “No”

The Teller informs him that there’s a fee if you don’t have an account and asks a simple question “Would you like to open an account”

The young man says “Sure” and immediately transfers $5,000 from his account at a competing bank. The conversation then transitions to business banking because the young man in the hoodie is also a young entrepreneur. Go figure.

He tells his dad about this (his dad is a good looking bald sales trainer by the way) and as fate would have it, his dad is unhappy with his bank and sets an appointment to move his business account and one of his personal accounts.

So, Where’s The Joke You Mentioned In The Title Of This Post?

The joke is on the bank’s competitors who . . .

Didn’t remain dedicated to their sales process (if they even have one)

Perhaps the joke is also on the people who lacked the balls to ask for the order?

The joke is also on the people in that bank who prematurely disqualified my son as a potential customer or even having parents who could be.

Oh, and the joke is also on YOU if you’re a tad guilty of doing these things too!

The joke is on ME if I don’t do what that bank so brilliantly did.

So let me ask you;

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I’m A Little Disappointed!

by Paul Castain on October 23, 2014

Hopefully you’ve figured it out by now that I’m not here to kiss your ass and tell you everything is going to be alright when it isn’t, right?

Sometimes I need to offer a free tap on the shoulder and it’s up to you if you want to take the coaching or get your panties in bunch over it.

So here goes . . .

I offered a tip earlier today and a free one at that.

It was an audio tip on a topic that I know you all are interested in (the phone)

While many of you read the post, many couldn’t be bothered to invest 3 minutes in themselves to listen to something that can help them.

And no, Uncle Paul’s wittle feelings haven’t been hurt but I am concerned.

I’m concerned because if you aren’t going to part with your cash to get better and if you aren’t going to part with 3 minutes of your time to get better . . .

Then I’m wondering how you will grow and adapt going forward?

Here’s the link again.

No hard feelings but you might have some priorities to rethink.


The 30 Second Phone Workout!

by Paul Castain on October 23, 2014

Imagine, if you will, 400 extra opportunities for you to get better on the phone in the next year, and each one of those opportunities only requiring about 30 seconds of you time.

Do you think you could build some extra aspiring sales rock star phone chops?

Oh, and if all we’re talking about is 30 seconds, do you think it might be 30 seconds more than you’re giving yourself right now?

Yep, I know . . .”Ouch!”

Tough love aside . . .

Why don’t you scroll down and listen to this free, 3 minute audio sales lesson to see where I’m going with this crazy idea!

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I Hope You’re Not Boring Your Prospects

by Paul Castain on October 22, 2014

You might be losing opportunities simply because you’re boring . . . I know, Ouch but please read on!

You bore potential clients when you . . .

Keep trying to reach them on the same channels that are completely flooded like;

Phone and Email

Want to bore them at an even higher level?

Keep saying the same things, over and over again on those same two channels that are completely flooded

Want to bore them even more?

Keep saying the same things, on the same flooded channels, with the same tired tactics;

You know, like leaving a voice message and emailing immediately

Forwarding the same message that you’ve forwarded 8 times thinking “9’s a charm”

Or who knows, maybe you like to get cute and put the old deceptive “Re” in the subject line. You know that’s douchey, right?

I believe its been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result.

Have you been doing the sames things and expecting a different result or perhaps you play the old “It’s a numbers game” and do more of what isn’t working?

Tomorrow, we begin an online program where we talk about how you can . . .

Stop boring your prospects

Stand out and get their attention

And do this while complementing (not replacing) your phone and email activity.

Click HERE for details but please understanding something . . .

Losing an opportunity because you bored your potential client is no way to build a book of business! And neither is failing to deal with something you know you need to address!

Pardon me for being frank but it might be time to lose your ego as well as the bullsh*t excuses and roll up your sleeves and come to class with us tomorrow!


How To Complement The Phone With Other Forms Of Outreach

by Paul Castain on October 21, 2014

I thought it might be time for an all caps FREE audio sales lesson that could easily increase your options to 30-50 types of outreach.

And no, that wasn’t a typo!

Think I’m bluffing?

Scroll down and check it out!

Enrollment For Our How To Hunt More Effectively Program Ends October 22nd!

This is it folks . . .

This is the online program you’re going to want to join to help you to stand out and capture the attention of a buyer with way too many things on the brain!

We’re going to discuss how you can complement your phone calls and emails with social networking, traditional networking, referrals, snail mail and creative approaches.

We’re also going to discuss how you can create an effective communication map and who knows, maybe we’ll even talk about 10 additional ways to hunt differently and to show I’m a good sport, maybe we’ll have a whole session on how you can kick ass on the phone and work those emails too.

Click HERE for more details but do it soon dude, because Wednesday evening I put the rope across the door and tell everyone “Sorry it’s a private party”

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