From Chaos To Clarity: Getting It Done My Way!

by Paul Castain on August 31, 2015


This is a guest post from Pete Primeau, Primeau Furniture Sales

2015 has been a crazy year for me in a good way. I had a double spinal fusion on November 17 of 2014 so I was still recovering the first few months of 2015. To help put what I am about to say in perspective it is August 29, 2015.

My coach Paul Castain had been pushing me for a long time to create my own podcast.  I finally pulled the trigger this year and got that done. My private group on Facebook for furniture and mattress store owners and RSAs is thriving. I just finished writing my first book “Sell A Million: 101 Tips for Furniture and Mattress Store Owners to Sell Another Million Dollars or More This Year”. I also quit what some people would think of as a dream job to work for the absolute best company in my industry with no salary just my belief in my dealers, myself, and my team. I am about to have the most important show of my life introducing my new line to dealers in Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Indiana on September 15th and 16th. To say that it’s been a busy year would be an understatement. Here’s how I got it done.

I have four huge supporters and coaches in my life who give me perspective, encouragement and on occasion a swift kick in my butt. They are my wife Jenny, my sales coach Paul Castain, my testimonial coach Simon Aronowitz, and one of my dealers, friends and the best mattress marketer on the planet Jeff Giagnocavo. One of the keys to getting this much done in five months is expert advice. Surround yourself with smart people.

The very first thing a good coach will do is to help you focus. You must be clear about what you want to accomplish. You must take your chaotic thoughts and through a process become very clear about what you need to accomplish and in what order. I won’t reveal the details but Paul focused me by putting me through an exercise called “The Ten Big Things”. The key is to read them everyday. Re-write them weekly as you cross tasks off of your list and replace them with new goals.

When you have reached a point of absolute clarity some very interesting things start to  happen that allow you to fast track projects that would normally take much longer. Because of your focus your mind starts to identify opportunities to step closer to your goals. Many chapters of my book were written in the car when my wife Jenny was driving. I would wake up early without an alarm clock with a new chapter for my book that was magically written overnight. All I did is capture those ideas before I lost them.

I dictated chapters into my iPhone as a text that I copied into pages. I saw opportunities that I never saw before. Watching a sunset on a beach inspired me more than once with new ideas that were incorporated in my book, my group, and my podcast. When those ideas popped into my mind I captured them right then on a napkin or as a text to myself.

I couldn’t have produced what I did in the last five months without combining activities. I would encourage anyone who reads these words to combine activities together. My book, my podcast, and my group often inspire ideas for the other. So don’t be afraid to take on several major projects at one time especially if they are related to each other. My guests on my podcast and discussions in my closed Facebook group inspired not only this book but also the next two books that I am writing.

Ask yourself this question “Am I truly passionate about it?” Nothing in this life is easy that is worthwhile. If your answer is yes then get very clear about it and do it. I hope this article helps you to reach your goals.

I am the President of Primeau Furniture Sales which is a sales company that serves the home furnishing’s industry. I have been in home furnishings for the past thirty three years. Connect with me on Skype at pete.primeau. Tweet me @Pete_Primeau. Connect with me on LinkedIn at Connect with me on YouTube at My website is I look forward to connecting to you.

Wishing You Success!



How Sales Reps Lose Deals For The WRONG Reasons

by Paul Castain on August 30, 2015

unhappy business woman showing crumpled contract

There’s a very good chance that you’re missing opportunities, for the absolute WRONG reasons.

In this week’s Quick Sales Tip, we’re gonna go there!

I paint a really vivid picture of things I see, everyday, that you’re probably experiencing and I offer 3 ideas to help you get that bacon back on YOUR table; where it belongs!

So go ahead and give this a listen and please spare me that “I don’t have time” crap. If that’s the case, download it and listen to it on your way to work before your competitor gets a hold of this!

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Trying To Get A Buyer’s Attention?


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Your creativity can capture the attention of a busy buyer

Your prospect has lot’s of things going on in their world competing for their attention.

There are calls, voicemails, way too many emails, internal and external meetings, internal/external clients, snail mail, Fedexes, deadlines, fires that have to be put out etc.

How do you compete with that?

Unfortunately, there are many a sales rep, what get lost in the proverbial sauce because they do absolutely NOTHING to stand out!

In this week’s episode of the Sales Playbook Podcast, I offer a few examples of what your peers are doing, right now, to stand out in a world of “me too” sales reps.

I offer several tips on how YOU can step up YOUR game too!

So go ahead and give this week’s episode a listen!

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My Appearance In This Month’s Selling Power Magazine

by Paul Castain on August 24, 2015

selling power

When you have a moment, check out this month’s Selling Power Magazine. I’ve penned an article for them about Social Selling and how you can leverage LinkedIn groups.

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Will I “see” you there?

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When I Write About Cold Calling . . .

by Paul Castain on August 24, 2015

when I write about cold calling

When I write about cold calling, I am guaranteed to double the amount of website hits that day but;

Write about dealing with something, like excuses (like I did yesterday) and everyone hauls ass out of the room.

If I wanted to win a popularity contest with my followers, I’d keep writing about cold calls.

Instead, I’d rather help you and encourage you to deal with something you probably DON’T want to deal with.

Here’s the FREE audio tip I offered yesterday.

I really believe you need to invest a few minutes to listen to it.

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