Holiday Weekends Can Really Suck!

by Paul Castain on May 22, 2015

And while we’re at it, let’s add holidays in general to what I’m about to say.

I obviously love the opportunity to slow down, recharge, reconnect with family and friends but I absolutely hate what a holiday weekend does to so many people in the business world.

It becomes the launch pad for excuses and slacking!

Yep, I’ll say it for you “Castain’s An Ass” but sometimes the truth hurts so hear me out anyway.

I see people mentally checking out the few days leading up to the holiday weekend.

Then there’s the last business day before the weekend starts which becomes an “admin day”

There’s the actual day that everyone’s taking off and . . .

Even 2-3 days after for some to get their head back in the game.

So that 3 day weekend becomes more like a 7 day extended weekend.

I think it’s perfectly OK to take some extra time to extend that weekend if that’s what you want and;

If you want to hit it extra heavy because you know you’re competitors slack during peak holiday seasons, that’s fine too but;

You Had Better Make A Choice!

Wandering around aimlessly while you give yourself excuses why nobody buys or answers their phones for the next week is just silly.

And Speaking Of Slacking . . .

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Here’s What I’m Going To Share . . .

Several answers to the question “We’ve connected on a social network, now what?” specifically;

How you can immediately set yourself apart from the rest of your contact’s network.

A one year communication plan with email templates.

How to position yourself as an expert in your field.

How you can create not only top of mind awareness with your prospects, but more importantly, top of mind preference.

We’ll also discuss . . .

Social Listening: How you can find buying triggers and leverage a little something/something I like to call “Social Clues” Oh, and it might be helpful if I show you how you can gather competitive intelligence as well. You’ll also discover several free tools to help you automate this process.

The 5 types of LinkedIn groups you need to join and well over a dozen suggestions on how you can leverage LinkedIn groups to strengthen your sales efforts.

We’ll talk specific examples of how your peers are using the various social platforms and I’ll share additional templates to help you along.

How you can transition your connections from computer screen to more meetings and ultimately more clients.

Here’s The Most Important Thing You’ll Gain By Attending . . .

How you build a powerful lead generation program by . . .

Integrating Social Selling best practices to COMPLEMENT NOT REPLACE your phone efforts!

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Are You Part Of The 72.6% That’s Kicking Butt?

by Paul Castain on May 20, 2015


According to a study released by Aberdeen Group, 72.6% of salespeople using social selling as part of their sales process outperformed their sales peers and exceeded their quota 23% more often.

Some see this as an opportunity to debate the usefulness/uselessness of the cold call, I see it as an opportunity to simply give the cold call some much needed companionship.

How about you?

Have you incorporated social selling into your sales mix?

Ready To Kick Your Sales Skills Up A Notch Or 3?

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When Social Selling Isn’t SOCIAL

by Paul Castain on May 20, 2015

I see it time and time again.

Somebody sends an invite.

It’s accepted and then . . .

It’s quickly mistaken as a green light to . . .

Spam, launch into infomercials or perhaps some implied opt in for newsletters and such.

Please hang your head if you’re doing this because it’s really wrong and somebody led you to believe this is “Social Selling”

It’s not and . . .

There’s absolutely nothing social about it!

I’m seeing this more and more and quite frankly it’s wrong on so many levels.

1) It pisses people off! Why? Because when they accepted your invite, they did so in good faith . . . not to be immediately pitched!

2) When you don’t get results this way (and I’m willing to bet that you won’t) you’ll most probably blame the venue or perhaps the whole notion of “social networking”, “social selling”, “sales 2.0″ or whatever you’d like to call it. That’s unfortunate because it’s really a powerful weapon in your arsenal . . . provided you know how to use it!

I’ve said it time and time again and it’s worth repeating . . .

It’s about courting your network not . . .

“Hi, I’m Paul will you marry me?” or worse yet . . .

Coming across like the creep in the bar looking to hookup! (and probably the type of jerk who doesn’t even leave cab fare on the night stand for ya)

If you haven’t bought into that or if you’re in a major rush . . .

Go back to making 300 dials per week and complaining about how nobody takes or responds to your phone calls.

Adapting to the new way people are buying is a good thing!

It’s Time To Get Social!

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A Quick Tip To Start Your Week STRONG!

by Paul Castain on May 17, 2015

a quick tip from Paul Castain

All work and no play can really make us all quite the dull boys and girls but;

Even though we all agree with that statement, mixing in equal helpings of both can be a bit of a challenge.

In this week’s Quick Tip I show you several ways to BLEND both and . . .

With summer right around the corner, these tips couldn’t be more timelier!

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The Problem With “Sales Coaches”

by Paul Castain on May 11, 2015

Is that that that way too many people who have no business coaching others.

Sadly, most people don’t realize they hired the wrong coach until after they’ve signed a contract and sunk mucho dollars into their program.

So I thought I’d share a few tips on how to select someone who can truly help you get to that next level.

Oh, and as a bonus, I created a really cool, FREE eBook to help you find your very own “Mr Miyagi”!


How many years have they been a sales professional?

I don’t think that every sales coach needs a kazillion years of experience to be an effective coach, but I do want to warn you that there are some people out there with little to no actual sales experience. Check out their LinkedIn profile and see for yourself how much selling experience they have. They’re not on LinkedIn? I would consider that a major “Red Flag”. Kind of hard for someone to teach you modern selling methods when they’re stuck in 1998, huh?

What was their track record as a sales rep?

Although I’ve always been a Top 20 performer, I don’t think you have to be the top dog in order to coach others to do it but I do believe you need to know a thing or two about performing consistently.

What is their level of experience in the areas where you wish to improve?

When I say “level of experience” I don’t mean just coaching others, or I read an article about this once . . . I mean actual, hands on, “I did this and/or are doing this myself” type of experience.

Are they still involved in actual selling?

The business world is moving at the speed of light these days. What was relevant, appropriate and spot on a few years ago, might be outdated and antiquated today.

If you want sales coaching that is up to date and relevant . . . you’ll want to hire someone who is still actively in the trenches!

What products or services have they sold?

While good sales skills can apply to numerous industries, it’s important that this component aligns with what you wish to accomplish.

For example: If you’re selling a big ticket item, with a lengthy sales cycle, a sales coach who was involved in transactional type sales probably won’t be a good fit.

What types of things challenged them as a sales professional?

I don’t care how good someone claims to be, there has to be something, at some point, that challenged them.

Since part of your time with this coach will be spent discussing your challenges, wouldn’t it be interesting to see how they handled their own sales challenges?

As a bonus, it might be refreshing to know that they’re human enough to have struggled!

In what ways do they dedicate themselves to continued and never ending improvement?

I think its not only important that a coach is dedicated to continually improving, I think it’s the best way to lead by (or perhaps even coach by) example.

Bonus points if they believe enough in the coaching mindset that they have their own coach!

What prompted them to become a coach?

If you ever want to know how passionate someone is about their livelihood, ask them point blank what made them decide to do what they do.

General Sales Philosophy

It’s critical that your philosophies align with those of your coach’s or you will quickly find yourself in a situation where you aren’t being true to yourself.

There are actually people out there coaching philosophies such as “buyers are liars” or approaches that are over the top aggressive . . . run away, very fast dude!

Additionally, you’ll need to know where they stand on traditional selling methods vs. the newer “Social Selling” methodologies.

Let me put this another way; there are some who feel the cold call is dead and believe generating business through Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc is the way to go while there are others who believe in “smiling and dialing”.

It’s my humble opinion that all these cool things can live quite nicely together and that it should never be an “either or” choice!

Note: Make every effort to ensure that your potential coach is “living” their sales philosophies and not just talking about them.

Coaching Program

How long is each session?

How many times per month do we have sessions?

Do they offer before or after hours scheduling options?

What does a typical session look like?

Important: There are some coaches who believe in leading you on a path of self discovery by asking you questions and offering zero guidance. You need to decide if that’s good enough or if you would prefer someone who will offer you some gems of wisdom as well!

Are there action items and is there accountability?

No coaching session is complete without getting “the action verbs going” otherwise you have no opportunity to try your new distinctions on for size!

What happens between sessions and are you available to me during this time should I have questions?

Let’s face it, sometimes things come up that are too pressing to wait for the next session. Will your coach be available or are they only available when the meter is running?


This may sound like an obvious question to ask, but there are many coaches who don’t charge per session, they charge you upfront for the entire program.


Do you need to sign a contract and if so, how do you call it a day for any reason, at any time?

So there you have it, several tips to help you select the sales coach that’s right for you.

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