The 3 Drivers Of Sales Success Part I

by Paul Castain on September 15, 2014

Today we begin a three part discussion on the three things you absolutely MUST be obsessed with as a sales professional.

Our focus in this episode is New Account Acquisition!

We begin with the mindset that gets in the way of you embracing this critical driver of success

We talk about how fear plays into it but in a really sneaky way!

I share some really easy tips to get this driver on your schedule and I even share a few personal stories along the way to drive this driver home!

Sadly, if you or your team can’t master this one driver, the other two drivers I’ll share in the weeks to come will be quite meaningless!

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This Happens Every Time And Quite Frankly It Sucks!

by Paul Castain on September 15, 2014

There’s is nothing worse than losing a sale for the wrong reason and believe me, I’ve had my share of those!

As a matter of fact, I bet you I’ll lose several tomorrow evening (and get some snotgrams from my readers too) when we cut off registration for Wednesday’s How To Hunt More Effectively program.

It bothers me because many of you will miss an opportunity to gain over 100 ideas on how you can (God forbid) add some things to your arsenal to complement your phone efforts and quite selfishly . . .

I lose a sale.

So if you’d like to learn some new things that can seriously impact your business, read on, sign up and let’s get to work and if you don’t,  no worries, keep enjoying the free stuff but let’s make a pinkie promise or something that you’re going to invest in yourself at some point (whether here or while visiting any number of other sites)

I think you’re worth it!

Here’s the plan . . .

In Session 1, we’re going to explore 10 ideas to help you hunt for business differently. I promise that in this session alone, there will be several ideas that will make you think differently about your hunting practices!

In Session 2, we’ll discuss how you can master this thing we call “email”! I have tips that will help you with your subject lines, overall message, how to improve your response rates and a few tactics that will forever change the way you approach emails going forward!

In Session 3, I’m  going to show you exactly how I use “snail mail” (and FedEx too) to stand out and get mucho responses in the process! And no, we’re not talking about massive direct mail campaigns here gang. We’re talking about simple, inexpensive things you can do on your own without that pesky marketing department getting involved.

In Session 4, we need to have a serious heart to heart on how we can marry social networking into your overall sales efforts. I’m going to show you how to listen for important “clues”, how you can stand out and how you can transition your relationships off your computer screen without the conversation “getting weird”!

In Session 5, I’m going to show you how you can use traditional networking to create some pretty powerful relationships. I’ll share some common mistakes (and how you can avoid them) and I’ll even show you how you can jump start conversations and gracefully end the ones that are going nowhere fast!

In Session 6 we’re going to cannonball into the money pool you can create by learning how to get more referrals from your existing business. I’ll show you a system I use that can double and triple the amount of referrals you’re getting. We’ll talk about when to ask for referrals and how to condition your clients to keep giving you more in the future!

In Session 7 We’re going to talk about how you can use creativity to stand out and capture the attention of your prospects. I’ll share numerous real-life examples of what sales reps are using in the field as well as a technique you can (and really should) use with your top prospects!

In Session 8 I’m going to show you how you can work the phone into this entire process and as a bonus, warm up the “cold calls” quite a bit!

In Session 9 you’ll learn 2 absolutely lethal techniques called “mixing” and “mapping” and how you align all of the various “touches” into an effective communication plan.

Between sessions you’ll get a recap of the session.

The recording from the session (slides and all)

A total of 5 short videos to help reinforce the material.



We kick off this Wednesday, September 17th at 11:30 am EST.

Time out! Don’t forget that we deliver it live and then share the recording within 48 hours. Go at your own pace!


On your computer screen, from your home, office, the lobby bar,  I won’t tell anyone!

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I hope you’ll join us but more importantly I hope that you’ll invest in yourself!


100 Free Audio Sales Lessons Right On Your SmartPhone

by Paul Castain on September 15, 2014

We just created The Sales Playbook Podcast app for your smartphone and that means, you can now have full access to ALL 100+ free audio sales lessons and all you have to do is click here from your smartphone!

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Registration ends tomorrow for our new online course “How To Hunt More Effectively” If you plan on joining us, now would be a fantastic time to reserve your spot in the program!


A Quick Sales Tip To Start The Week Strong!

by Paul Castain on September 14, 2014

Thought everyone could use a real quick “Pep Talk” as we start the new week off!

I talk about the importance of challenging two very importance areas . . .

What you’re saying
What you’re doing

It will only take you 3 minutes to listen to this, 4 if you hang out and listen to the theme song after I finish talking :)
Wishing you an incredible week ahead!

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My Sunday Morning Plan

by Paul Castain on September 14, 2014

For many years now, I’ve taken some time to do something I really can’t do during the week . . . THINK!

Don’t get me wrong, this crazy brain of mine is going full force during the week, but there are phones ringing, mucho emails, training sessionscoaching calls and no shortage of things pulling me in way too many directions .

And that’s a real bad place for me to be in!

My main (and most extensive) thinking time is early Sunday morning with a cup of my favorite coffee. I typically start by looking at my upcoming appointments suspiciously. The reason I say “suspiciously”, is because I look at them as if there is something there that I’m missing. I literally ask myself “What’s missing?” It kind of tells my brain “Go fetch your Uncle Paul an answer dude”

During this time you can  look at where you’re going to be and think about who else you need to visit, drop off info, drop by etc. Note: I like to look at where I’ll be and then see if I can meet with at least 1-2 from my social network.

I give lots of thought to companies I’m trying to get into but haven’t cracked the code. The whole time I maintain a crazy philosophy (actually two)

There’s an answer/better way, I simply haven’t found it yet

I will sell this mofo, if not today, then by the time I retire. As my friend Wayne said in Wayne’s World “Oh yes you will be mine!”

I dedicate some of my Sunday morning to self improvement whether its reading books, articles, listening to podcasts etc

The final thing I do is something rather hard for those of us blessed with a sales ego. I look in the mirror (and not the one that makes you look thinner)  and ask myself a simple question:

What’s it gonna take?

Perhaps I have a week coming up with some difficult meetings so; What’s it gonna take to navigate through that?

Perhaps I have way too many things going on and my time management sucks so What’s it gonna take for me to fix that? Are there some specific time management skills I really need to own?

What if you have a difficult client you need to deal with? What’s it gonna take to handle that situation assertively and professionally?

And let’s not forget the million dollar “What’s it gonna take” . . .

“What’s it gonna take to move me closer to my goals, dreams and putting that ding in the universe?”

Note: I advise my coaching clients to have at least one action item each day to move them closer to the realization of their goals.

I forgot to mention that I have a companion through this whole process, its my journal. I write down new distinctions, challenges, interesting quotes, etc.

I find that certain types of music inspire different thinking patterns so I have a classical playlist, new age, metal and I even utilize a comedy playlist prior to any thinking session where I need to tackle something stressful.

It’s funny how many of the answers we seek are within us and even all around us but . . .

We’re typically too busy to notice!

Your Turn . . .

What’s your Sunday morning plan? I’d really like to hear from you. Please take a moment to share your thoughts!

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Perhaps it’s time?