A Quick Sales Tip To Start The Week STRONG!

by Paul Castain on July 26, 2015

a quick tip from Paul Castain

In this week’s Quick Tip I talk about a super easy thing that you can do to immediately differentiate from your competitors.

Think I’m kidding?

Then I triple dog dare ya to give this a quick listen.

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Stop Waiting Until You Need Something

by Paul Castain on July 22, 2015

There are many people who wait until they need something and then, and only then, can they be bothered with their social network.

I believe it sends some bad messages . . .

That you are shallow

That you only care about YOUR agenda

At the very least, you’re going to make someone scratch their head wondering who the hell you are since this represents THE only time they ever heard from you.

You really need to build your army BEFORE you need it and I’m here to tell you that you are most definitely going to need your army!

You need to show up with resources (websites, apps, eBooks, webinars, articles etc) to bring value to that relationship.

You need to keep in touch with them

You need to play matchmaker and introduce them to other people in your network.

You need to find ways to make them look like rock stars.

You need to offer your help (within reason) when you see they could really use it.

You need to jump on a call with them from time to time.

You’ll find that most human beings have a burning desire to reciprocate and at least give a damn more;

For people who have demonstrated that they give a damn about them!

Today, you are cordially invited to build your army BEFORE you need it!

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A Quick Tip To Start Your Week Strong!

by Paul Castain on July 19, 2015

stronger week


If you were to take the fact that the average person consumes 100,000 words of content each and every day and add it to the understanding that as human beings, we have anywhere from 60,000 – 90,000 thoughts each day, you’d really have the recipe for failing to do something that’s keeping you from going to the next level!

In this week’s Quick Tip, I reveal what it is and as a bonus, offer three, super easy things you can do, immediately, to to raise your skill level!

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You Can’t Do It On Your Own

by Paul Castain on July 15, 2015

I’d like for you to really ponder the title of today’s blog post . . .

“You Can’t Do It On Your Own”

Sometimes we allow too much to pile on our plates and then use the old “If I want it done right, I have to do it myself” excuse.

Or how about when we don’t have the guts to ask others for help or even ask someone, getting a better result than we are . . .

How they did it!

Sometimes we kid ourselves into thinking we can do it all.

Other times we know we can’t do it all but are afraid to ask for help.

And sometimes, that crazy ego of ours won’t allow us to simply ask someone how they’re getting the awesome results they’ve been getting.

If only we could get over ourselves, admit to being human and grow the stones to ask for help because;

As good as we are, we really can’t go it alone!

Today you are cordially invited to get on with that whole “asking” part so you too, can “receive”!



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Why Social ISN’T Optional Anymore

by Paul Castain on July 14, 2015

SOCIAL is no longer option

A few hours ago, I sent out an email to all those who participated in a free webinar I offered last week.

I wanted to share it here because it’s a message I believe you need to own!

I wanted to offer a final point (actually several) on why all this “social” stuff really isn’t optional anymore!

1) There are now almost 3 Billion social networking accounts worldwide and that number is expected to reach about 5 Billion in the next 2 years. There are approximately 200 million blogs worldwide and according to Technoratic, the number of blogs grows at about 10,000 per day. There are 100 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every second. I could continue to bore you will all these stats, but let me bottom line it for you . . .

Chances are pretty darn superb that your potential clients and existing clients are leaving clues for the taking and at a minimum, offering someone an opportunity to bond with them. Might as well be YOU!

2) Look around you. What do you see glued to everyone’s hands? Gold star if you said “A smartphone!” The average person checks their phone 150 times per day (more if there’s a really cool viral cat video making the rounds) This means that eyeballs (and attention spans) have gone elsewhere. Are YOU at least showing up?

3) A Gartner study found that the average person consumes 100,000 words of content each day. Do you think they consume at least some of that content via social networking channels. Once again, are you even showing up?

4) Everyone has their own preferred venue for communication. Just because you don’t “get” all this social stuff, doesn’t mean your client/potential client feels the same way. Trust me when I tell you that they don’t care what you “get”.They show up where THEY want to! Are you showing up? Oh,and I think it’s awesome that you prefer to make phone calls . . .Does that make your prospect suddenly want to pick up the phone if they don’t love it?

5) Propinquity ROCKS! Propinquity means nearness, closeness and kinship and we can certainly establish propinquity by the virtual “bumping into” of our prospects online. Propinquity is the Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother etc of that whole “Know, like and trust” think. In fact, propinquity expedites it and puts it on steroids.

Remember, no one is telling you (at least I’m not) to abandon your phone calls.

Sooner or later this all comes down to a call . . .

I’m just suggesting that its a tad unnecessary to make that call cold when there are so many ways to make it WARM!

Tomorrow, we launch our online Social Selling Camp, and I’m hoping that you’ll continue your rock star development by joining us!

Here’s the plan . . .

In Session 1 We’re going to talk about brand YOU! I’m going to take you step by step, through an exercise to help you clearly define how you want to be viewed by the world. You do know that they judge you, right?

In Session 2 We’ll discuss the various platforms and how you can attract potential clients. I’ll show you several plays from my own playbook as well as several examples of how your peers are leveraging things like LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook just to name a few!

In Session 3 I’ll share how you can use “Social Listening” to learn about important buying signals as well as conversation starters. We’ll discuss how you can gather competitive data that you absolutely need to leverage!

In Session 4 We’re going to dive, head first into how you can approach potential clients, via social channels without the conversation getting “salesy” or weird! I’ll take you through my Communication Mapping process and show you specific examples of how I leverage this process to hunt and secure new business!

In Session 5 I’m going to show you how to do something that 99% of your competitors SUCK at! It’s a little something called “Transitioning online connections to offline clients”

In Session 6 I’m going to show you how to put it all together into a manageable daily, weekly and monthly routine. Oh, and I’m going to give you several options too! Some of you have the time to go all out with my lead generation system others only have a few minutes a day. My plan is give you a plan based on how much time you can dedicate to my system. Fair enough?

At the end of the program, you will have a powerful lead generation system!

Registration ends today so if you’d like to learn more, please click HERE and reserve your spot!