Anyone Up For Some “Mixed Martial Arts” Selling?

by Paul Castain on April 24, 2014

There are some who swear by the tried and true selling methods. Having sold for 31 years, I understand because I was taught that way.

There are others who feel that things like LinkedIn, Twitter, email etc is where the eyeballs have shifted to and then there’s people like me, who feel that it’s ALL good and they can ALL live nicely together, sort of a “mixed martial art” if you will.

That’s why I’m in a bit of jam right now.

I have a new online course launching on June 4th and God forbid an experienced sales rep thinks we are going to cover basics and they will reject the idea (even if they aren’t doing any of the things they think are basic)

On the other hand . . .

God forbid I call it something like a “Social Selling Course” then you have all the traditionalists getting their panties in a bunch because I just went all “trendy” on them.

So I got real fancy and decided to call it “Castain’s Online Sales Course” Simple, elegant etc.

Why you need this course . . .

Because things have changed out there!

Your prospect is now distracted by over 3,000 advertising messages per day (FastCompany Magazine) they send and receive at least 110 emails per day (Radicatti Group) they are interrupted an average of 7 times per hour (Wendy Cole Time Magazine) and after we account for all the meetings, phone calls and extra things on their plates (thanks to downsizing in the past 5 years) and the fact that people in general now have about a 8-9 second attention span (According to report released by the BBC) . . .

It’s now easier than ever for you and I to “Get lost in the sauce”!

The old ways, really aren’t working so good any more and that’s why . . .

We have 8 sessions waiting for you to help you stand out literally from the word “Hello”

“Sales 101″ . . . I think not!

Traditional . . . Yes

Social Selling . . . You Bet!

Mixed Martial Arts . . .Y to E to the freakin S baby!

Any who, Please click here to learn more and yes, I do discount on 2 or more so please email me directly with the exact amount you’re considering!

I hope you’ll join us.

I think you’re worth it!


How To Annoy A Group Via “Reply All”

by Paul Castain on April 23, 2014

There’s a productivity killer lurking in the inboxes of the world today and its about time we stopped the insanity!

I’m talking about the senseless killing of minutes.

The heartless ravaging of nerves and . . .

The brutal slaying of common sense when you find yourself in

A Reply All Insanity Fest!

I bear the scars of many a reply all insanity fest and was recently in one that I shall reenact here

An email goes out where the sender could have easily avoided an inbox tragedy by sending it bcc but instead they make a fatal mistake and send it without jackassproofing it.

Moe: Replies All with “I’ll be there can’t wait”

Me (Taking on the form of an armed monkey) Great Moe and why did 600 of us need to know that? Note: I’m just thinking this not Replying All.

Larry: Replies All “Is this an all day event?”

Me: (to myself) “Why don’t you go back and actually reread the email. It’s all there and Oh,  this could have been handled offline instead of Reply All”!

Curly: Replies All “Hey folks, when you reply all we all get this!”

2 Important notes in Curly’s defense:

Understand that this move is the equivalent of throwing yourself on a grenade because someone had to be the A-Hole and;

Unfortunately, Curly had to reply all to get everyone from replying all. And so the frenzy continues . . .

Larry: Replies all (again) with “Sorry about that” Note: Larry shouldn’t be sorry, he should be quite

Me: Out loud at my desk “DICK!”

Moe: (having aged since this ordeal began) “Thanks Curly. I’ll send Harpo an offline email” Note: Why is this dude still replying all.

Me Taking my palm and striking the computer screen “I Command You Out demon!”

Any who, that was clearly a rant, with no educational value for you today but just for the heck of it:

Use bcc to send emails to groups. People will love you for it.

Or how about a spin on those sustainability footers everyone is using in their emails . . .

“Please consider our mental environment before replying all to this email”

And please, if you are the recipient, and you want to respond, take that extra second to either reply to the recipient only or forward the email back to the sender if you are set up in a system that would automatically send to all.

This has been a public service announcement from your friends at Sales Playbook! :)

I help sales reps, sales leaders and business owners sell more!

For more information on how, click here!

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2 Simple Questions About Your SmartPhone

by Paul Castain on April 23, 2014

According to Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers’s annual Internet Trends report, the average person checks their smartphone 150 times each day!

That made me wonder . . .

1) How many times a day do you check your smartphone? Do you even know?

2) How many of those smartphone visits are truly necessary and not some self inflicted fear of missing out?

And while we’re on the subject . . .

Here’s something that will stop you 56 times today!


A Deceptive Post About Cold Calling

by Paul Castain on April 22, 2014

I just tricked you which is why I decided to call this post “A DECEPTIVE Post About Cold Calling”

Guilty as charged but there’s a method behind my madness.

Any time, I put up a post that has anything to do with Cold Calling, I can expect double the amount of visits to my website that day but when I mention LinkedIn or social networking, social selling and all these cool newer tools and methodologies everyone hauls ass out of here.

What does this really mean?

It means that yes, you’re more interested in learning about the phone (duh) but it also means (for many of you) that you’ve shut off learning about other things that can complement your phone efforts.

That’s rather sad and it’s limiting your results!

We know that (according to SeriusDecisions) that 67% of the buyer’s journey is now done online

We know that (according to Radicati Group) there are now 2.7 billion social networking accounts worldwide and that number is expected to grow to 4.3 billion by 2016.

We know that YouTube receives over 1 billion visitors each month and those visitors watch over 6 billion hours of video. Granted 90% of those are those stupid cat videos, but still :)

There are about 181 million blogs (give or take a few million) according to AC Nielsen

And let’s stop right there because I could easily spew all kinds of other useless stats at you but the point still remains the same.

These numbers are telling us that eyeballs are shifting!

And more importantly, if you continue to cling to that phone, without incorporating other things in your mix, then you are missing out!

So while I’d love to post stuff that’s safe for you (and help me get visits to my website), I’d rather arm you with additional tools to help you in a world that’s changing rapidly!

Unfortunately, you’ll never know until you click on a post that suggests there might actually be something other than a “cold call”.

Want to know how you can create a better sales mix?

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4.3 Billion Reasons Why “Social” Is So Important

by Paul Castain on April 21, 2014

According to a recent report from Radicati Group, there are currently 2.7 billion social networking accounts worldwide and. . .

That number is expected to jump to 4.3 billion worldwide by the end of 2016.

Social Networking isn’t some temporary trend folks . . . its here to stay and its growing quite rapidly!

Surely there must be someone, somewhere in these numbers who could either use what you’re selling now or that you could “court” for a future “marriage”?

Today you are cordially invited to answer the burning question . . .

What are you waiting for?

Want to know how you can utilize Social Networking as part of your “sales mix”?

Then you might want to check out our new online sales course that’ll be starting up this June, right on your computer screen!

There will be well over 100+ tips and I have all the details waiting for you if you click here!