10 Things That Great Questions Do

by Paul Castain on February 18, 2013

1)    A good question can draw someone inward and . . . cause them to reflect, consider and even do so subconsciously through (get this) the awareness your question has created.

2)    Good questioning allows you to take control of a situation . . . without being controlling! By the way, there’s a huge difference between the two.

3)    Good questions create higher quality communication. Higher quality communication fosters superior relationships. Want superior relationships? Start by asking a better question!

4)    Good questions lead the recipient on a path of self discovery. You could tell someone something and perhaps they will consider it. If they discover it . . .  THEY own it!

5)    Good questions create high levels of rapport. Perhaps Voltaire was spot on when he said “Dude, that was a righteous question” or even infinitely more spot on when he said “Judge of a man not by his answers, but by his questions” What do your questions say about you?

6)    A good question changes the lens in which a person sees their world. Note: That’s some pretty deep sh*t right there . . . I’m not going to lie!

7)    A good question, asked of the wrong person, is just as ineffective as a poor question asked of the right person. We were taught, early on in sales, to go to the highest level of decision maker. What if we ask a brilliant question of this high level individual, but they are several layers removed from feeling the impact?

8)    A good question, at the front end of a response can offer the clarity needed for you to offer a meaningful response. It will also buy you time to craft your response.

9)    Good questions focus not only on discovering  “the pain”, they focus on discovering the opportunities your client/prospect desires! By the way . . . stop limiting yourself by focusing only on pain. Sometimes there isn’t pain.

10)  A good question can move someone off the fence of indifference by igniting emotional buy in!

So there you have it . . . 10 things that great questions do.

By The Way . . .

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