12 Ways To Change Up Your Week

by Paul Castain on November 26, 2012

Do you remember that movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray?

The guy relives the same day over and over.

I wonder if we might be a tad guilty of doing the same thing in sales?

Here are 12 ways for you to change things up this week and bust a cap in this week’s ass! (said with my finger gun pointed sideways)

1. Take a look at the activities you have planned and make sure the

bulk of your time is about to be spent on “The 3 Big Rocks” (New

Account Acquisition, Account Retention, Account Development) and

not an over abundance of administrative “stuff”. If you are about to

begin a week with a lack of “money activities” you need to adjust

something before game time on Monday. A bad week doesn‟t happen

at 4:55 this Friday dude!

2. Make sure your New Account Acquisition activities represent a well

balanced “Sales Mix”. This should be inclusive of ALL the weapons in

your sales arsenal such as phone, email, snail mail, creative,

referrals, conventional networking, social networking etc. This is

extremely important for several reasons: a) Everyone has their

preferred communication venue and you limit your results by only

clinging to 1 or 2 options b) It changes it up for you and keeps you

fresh c) It keeps you from becoming predictable to your prospects!

3. Ask yourself this question: “In what ways can I be more creative this

week?” Is there a tastefully funny card you could send? Is there

something you could send along or hand deliver that could help

solidify a point or show your prospect you think differently? How

about that email or voicemail you have used since the beginning of

time? Is there room for a little creativity there? Businesses

desperately need creative answers to some very serious challenges

they are facing. While we all are great at telling people we’re creative,

in what ways will you demonstrate your creativity?

4. Carve out time to think this week with one catch . . . don’t do it during

game time! You need time, daily to think about the business. You

need time to think about how you will get better, how you can be

more creative, more strategic. How about some time thinking about

how you’re going to outwork your competition? Watch what happens

when you start training your mind to think with focus. Watch what

happens to your creativity!

5. Think of one idea you will present to a client, your entire client list,

prospects etc. It can be one idea that you will present across the board or just one targeted idea. When you do it, be sure to tell them

you were thinking of them and wanted to give them an idea they can

use. By the way, how often do you think people unconditionally give

an idea?

6. Tom Hopkins has mentioned a concept he uses where

every month or so, he passes along some kind of resource to his

network. Just like the packaging in #5 he tells his clients “here’s a

resource that I thought you’d find value in” Clients and prospects

don’t have us on the brain. We need to continually do things like this

to stay on the radar screen. What could you pass along , this week to

let your clients know “I’m still here looking out for ya dude”?

7. Plan your drive time! As sales professionals we spend lots of time in

the car and in the air. What will you use that time for this week? How

about using it for some thinking time? How about using it for some

time to get smarter by listening to podcasts and cds?

8. Think about who you will ask for a referral this week. Sometimes we

get so caught up, we forget about the low hanging fruit!

9. Be on the hunt for testimonial letter opportunities! The next time

someone tells you that you rock or that you came through . . . ask

them if they wouldn’t mind sending you a quick email with that

thought included. Tell them that it will help you get more cool clients

like them!

10. Think about the businesses you avoid. Some you avoid

because you think they are too big for you. Some you avoid because

you feel your company is too big for them. Some are avoided

because the receptionist is nasty or someone told you NO . . . well

things change. People come and go and you need to plan on

reaching out, this week!

11. Make sure you have at least one good laugh each day. Bonus

points if you help others get to their “laugh a day” quota”

12. Think about 5 people in your virtual network (Linkedin, Twitter,

Facebook etc) that you will transition to real time this week. I define

“real time” as a phone call, coffee, lunch, share a funnel cake (people

Don’t share enough funnel cake these days) etc. If you can’t identify

5, then start with 2, start with 1 . . . but start!

So there you have it . . . 12 ways for you to change things up which means you’re now perfectly equipped to receive a Triple Dog Dare from your Uncle Paul . . . to challenge your old routine and add some new stuff!

  • #3 is my very favorite. Thanks, Paul!

  • Thank YOU Elizabeth!

  • Traci Walters

    Man, this post is bursting at the seams with valuable ideas on how to ‘change it up’! Thanks for the boost! 🙂

  • Always a pleasure Traci!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and share your thoughts!

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