How To Utilize Testimonials More Effectively

by Paul Castain on April 22, 2015

testimonial sales playbook

In this week’s free audio sales lesson we talk about testimonials specifically;

How/When To Ask For Them

When I Prefer To Offer Them (It’s Pretty Much The Opposite Of When Most People Offer Their’s)

Where I Provide Them (One Place Will Surprise You)

A Cool Way That I Package My Testimonials

So go ahead and give this a listen and if by chance you’re too “busy” then why don’t you download it and let me ride shotgun with you out in the field today?

Download this episode (right click and save)

Want Better Results?

Then you’re going to need to try something different!

On May 6th, I’ll begin sharing over 100 tactics designed to help you capture the attention of someone who’s;

So busy they typically forget about you!

Here’s what real people are saying about this course . . .

Thank you so much!  The How to Hunt course has been so valuable in so many ways.  I love all the specific examples you shared – and how you pulled it all together with the communication mapping and time management techniques.  I am certainly armed with a whole new slew of tools and techniques to help me hunt and close deals better.

Tanya Ramakers, Jonas Fitness

First of all, I really enjoyed your style and approach to training.  You made the class fun, and I always looked forward to attending.  Second, you “kept it real” – not theory but specific tactics to use to grow business. 

Since fully implementing your program in November of 2014, I have officially doubled the size of my pipeline – real, measurable results.

Of specific importance to me were:

  1. 10 ways to Hunt Differently – great examples on where to find potential leads.
  2. How to Write a Better Email – I’m getting about 50% of emails read (thanks to you, I can track opens and click-throughs).
  3. How to ROCK Snail Mail – suggestions here were great – especially for warming up potential prospects.
  4. How to ROCK Phone Calls – great tips for voice mail
  5. Putting It All Together – I now have a specific, executable strategy.

Lance Carrol, Vanguard Software

But enough about them! If YOU’D Like to see what this program can do for you, click HERE or the handy/dandy banner below!

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