2 Simple Sales Activities That REALLY Add Up!

by Paul Castain on September 7, 2017


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If you’re looking for something sophisticated in terms of an answer to your sales challenges, stop reading right now.

If you’d like something, so simple, that you’d be a fool NOT to do it, then read on!

Little things are quite sneaky in that they add up, without us even realizing it.

Here are two things, that you can do, starting today, that will make a HUGE IMPACT within 1 year.

First, speak with 3 people, from your social network, each week.

My guess is that, you don’t know your social network very well and worse yet, they don’t know you! How can you help each other, refer each other, BUY from each other if you don’t KNOW each other?

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Next, follow My “222” Daily Formula.

Each day, while you’re having your morning coffee, send out two emails, to two people you’d like to do business with.

While you’re still sipping that first cup of Joe, send out two pieces of snail mail (or FedEx) to two people you aren’t doing business with. And make sure you include some type of handwritten note to make it more personal.

When you get to the office, make two phone calls, to two people you aren’t doing business with.

Here’s how this all ADDS Up, BIG TIME . . .

Speaking with 3 people, each week, from your social network, will give you approximately 150 more people who know who you are by this time next year. And let’s be honest, its probably 150 more people than you’ve been interacting with today!

Following my “222” Daily Formula yields 1400 more attempts.

Important Note . . .

These two simple things are NOT a substitute for a more substantial prospecting effort;

They’re in place to complement what you’re already doing and to;

Keep your hunting/networking muscles stronger than if you continue to go about it sporadically.

So if you start TODAY;

One year from now, you will have gotten to know 150 more people from your social network and;

You will have reached out to an additional 1400 suspects.

Oh, and you’ll feel much better, this time next year, with the amount of opportunities you’re in front of, and the amount of money in your wallet.

Ending The Year Strong, Beginning The New Year STRONGER!

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