Meticulous Pre Call Planning (The Sequel)

Posted February 26, 2010

Nothing makes me think of Pre Call Planning more than a snowy New York morning! Actually, that isn’t true, and I can’t back that up. I couldn’t think of an opening for today’s blog and it was either that or “I was born in the house my Father built. It was a humble abode but … continue reading »

Meticulous Pre-Call Planning!

Posted February 24, 2010

Today we are drinking from the fire hose  gang . . . no time for pleasantries, strap in! Pre-Call, actually, Meticulous Pre-Call Planning is an area where each of us could stand to get a bit better. For the sake of this discussion, we will refer to the “call” as a first time, face to … continue reading »

Sales 2.0 Is Virtually Useless!

Posted February 19, 2010

You heard me! Don’t give me that “you talkin to me” look either. Can’t hear me, let me say it louder SALES 2.0 IS VIRTUALLY USELESS that is Until you move it to Real Time! This is perhaps one of the biggest disconnects I see with many of us Sales 2.0 enthusiasts. We have all … continue reading »

The Fighter . . . Born Of The Moment!

Posted February 17, 2010

I have a special emergency file in the sales playbook. You know the kind that you have to break the glass in case of emergency. I’d like to pass it on to you with a simple warning. Some will read this and immediately dismiss it because things might be good for them right now. I … continue reading »

Playlist For The Aspiring Sales Rock Star!

Posted February 16, 2010

A few months back, I had written a post on the power of music as a trigger for peak performance states.  It was not only a fun post to write, you all suggested so many great songs that should be added to ones “Playlist For Success”.  I decided to kick it up a notch and … continue reading »

A Lesson From Mr Edison

Posted February 12, 2010

There are volumes of sales books that reference the famous story of how Edison failed more than 9,000 times before cracking the code to invent the light bulb! The lesson is obviously to stick with it and no matter how many no’s we get there is surely to be a yes just around the corner. … continue reading »

How To Condition Your Prospect To Say "NO!"

Posted February 9, 2010

My phone rang at precisely 9:45 am on Tuesday, much as it had for the last 11 Tuesdays. The caller ID gave me a look as if to say “There’s some stank on the other end of the line Uncle Paul”. I let it go into voice mail and prepared myself for the second wave … continue reading »

Bite Your Tongue!

Posted February 4, 2010

Most people don’t realize how powerful a negotiating tool silence is. I discovered exactly how effective as I recently observed someone discussing a deal with a prospective customer. The customer started describing his situation and after a few moments he paused – briefly. It was an opportune time for the sales person to make a … continue reading »

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