A Lesson In Maturity & Gratitude!

Posted December 31, 2010

As many of you know, yesterday was a challenging day for my family and I. Somewhere beneath the worry, the trip to Sloan Kettering and quite a few prayers, it was also my daughter’s birthday. Oh great, Castain’s New Year’s Rah Rah is about Cancer and Birthdays? Read on! In spite of having both her … continue reading »

I Hope This Saves Someone's Life!

Posted December 29, 2010

I’ve been struggling with something rather difficult lately. Although, I am a bit of an open book on my blog, there are still areas of my life that I wish to keep guarded. After some serious soul searching, I decided that you need to know something that I hope wakes you up and drives you … continue reading »

Think Before You Post

Posted December 29, 2010

I’m seeing more and more people do things that make me wonder if they are taking a moment to think before they create. Case(s) in point, I’ve watched videos of people trying to create a professional brand and yet they are doing the video in their sweats. Now granted, they were dressy sweats, but it … continue reading »

A New Year With The "Old" You!

Posted December 28, 2010

Did you ever have something that you so totally loved to do, but for whatever reason you ditched it and then spent the bulk of your life wanting to get back to it? For me, it was taking guitar lessons from someone who made a huge impact on my playing. In August, I found my … continue reading »

The Fine Art Of Inclusion

Posted December 28, 2010

Many years ago, when I (as Billy Joel once said) wore a younger man’s clothes, I would visit my client “Lucille”. “Lucille” was the Purchasing agent at a small company located just a few minutes away from my office. And speaking of office, Lucille’s office was rather small and she shared it with a woman … continue reading »

And Now The Challenging Part . . .

Posted December 26, 2010

The passing of time is an odd thing. The events we look forward to seem to take forever to arrive, and then, in an instant, we are looking at them in the rearview mirror in the form of a memory. I guess that remark has been inspired by this whole day after Christmas “damn that … continue reading »

The Last Christmas "Gift"

Posted December 22, 2010

Tucked away in a safe place within the walls of my heart, is a vision of my Father, Christmas Eve some 23 years ago. I can vividly see the look upon his face because it was a look that transcended all expression. It was beyond gratitude or joy and it was as if he were … continue reading »

An Open Letter From Your Competitor

Posted December 22, 2010

Hey Dude . . . mind if I call you dude? Just wanted to thank you for mentally checking out because of the holidays. I love that. And the way you justify it by telling everyone that no one is around, no one buys and how everyone else is mentally checked out . . . … continue reading »

Cross Pollinate Your Social Networking!

Posted December 21, 2010

When you have an opportunity to connect with someone (traditional or social networking) do you utilize a strategy to maximize your efforts or do you simply hang out in one place and hope for the best? Today, we’re going to talk about how you can dramatically accelerate your networking efforts! Linkedin: When you connect with … continue reading »

The Fireman And The Candy Cane

Posted December 20, 2010

Every year like clock work, you will hear a unique blend of Christmas music and sirens as the local fire department parades through the streets of my hometown. Now I must confess that I feel a tad juvenile saying this, but I still rush to my front door to watch Santa go by. Meanwhile my … continue reading »

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