12 Ways To Screw Up A Virtual First Impression

Posted January 30, 2011

1) Link to inactive social networking accounts: So there’s a prospect, interested enough to check out your Linkedin profile. They click on your Twitter link thinking “Cool, I spend more time there anyway” then they discover your account either has zero tweets or the last time you tweeted was back in late 2009. I’ve seen … continue reading »

Screwing Up The "Dress For Success" Thing!

Posted January 27, 2011

Oh no. Another know it all blogger preaching some dress for success BS we’ve all heard a thousand times . . . think again sista! Today, we’re going to focus on the all too often neglected areas that seem to slip under the proverbial radar. So, let’s look at the dress for success thing as meaningless if … continue reading »

Can Email Strip The Recipient Of Their Identity?

Posted January 26, 2011

Dale Carnegie once said “The sweetest sound, in any language, is the sound of one’s own name” Makes sense . . . right? Simple enough! Then why do we send emails to people (mostly people we know and/or work with) without use of their name? Why do people send those generic, crappy Linkedin invite templates … continue reading »

Dude . . . It’s Not The Cone Of Silence!

Posted January 25, 2011

Team selling is all well and good, but there are times when I just can’t believe the things someone had the need to say with the receptionist only a few feet away. Do they think he/she is incapable of translating our highly advanced sales speak? And what the hell, because even if they could understand … continue reading »

Why I Hate The News!

Posted January 24, 2011

I made a conscious decision (my unconscious ones suck) to stop watching the news several years ago. I found that in my quest to be informed, I had to navigate the rapids of negativity in the form of The latest murders, rapes, bankruptcies and scandals Which country was flexing their diplomatic muscles Etc, etc As … continue reading »

How To Handle Q&A Effectively!

Posted January 23, 2011

Like it or not, more and more decisions are being made by committee these days. And while you and I don’t have to be the next “Tony Robbins” when we get up in front of them, we had better know how to facilitate Q&A for maximum effectiveness. In this week’s podcast, we’ll address the following: … continue reading »

Multitasking In The Bathroom . . . Yuck!

Posted January 21, 2011

Warning: There is zero educational value in today’s blog. It is simply a rant and an opportunity for you to have a quick laugh and say “Eew” several times. What’s up with the increasing amounts of people who feel that the world will stop if they don’t take a call while at the urinal? I … continue reading »

Linkedin Groups Can Suck . . .

Posted January 20, 2011

1)    If all you do is show up with an “Entertain me circus boy” attitude. Get involved, start a discussion, give someone an AMEN but stop looking at the groups like they owe you some entertainment. Its up to you to create the experience. 2)    If your idea is to show up and throw up. … continue reading »

10 Better Ways To Build Rapport!

Posted January 19, 2011

A sales trainer walks into a room of sales reps and asks them how they build rapport  and guess how they respond? “I generally look around my prospect’s office to see what they are interested in and make conversation based on what I see” You saw that one coming right? Do you think that approach … continue reading »

Your Vulnerability Is A Good Thing!

Posted January 17, 2011

There are times in our life when we trip on our own ego. The very thing that serves as our body armor against rejection, tough markets and tougher sales cycles . . . can simply get in our way. I believe it gets in our way when we are too proud to allow ourselves to … continue reading »

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