Surrender . . . Or Grow?

Posted March 30, 2011

This is the kind of post that you write and feel like a wuss the whole time but things need to be said and perhaps a lesson can be learned. Back in December, I mentioned that “someone very close to me” was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I mentioned how lucky she was to have found … continue reading »

Attack Of The Template Brigade!

Posted March 29, 2011

It was the summer of ’92 and I found myself in a meeting with a “consultant”. A consultant  who would still suck even if Santa brought her mad skills for Christmas! The worse part was everyone in the meeting understood that . . . except the consultant. She was using every cliché in the book … continue reading »

One For The Road . . .

Posted March 29, 2011

Before you head home today . . . Make one more call . . . Take an extra call “to go” and make it from the road . . . Do that one thing you were putting off all day! Oh, and before I forget . . . Before you hit the road . . … continue reading »

The Top Ten Priorities for Sales Managers

Posted March 28, 2011

This is a guest post from my friend Bill Cook, SVP of Sales for CareSouth Priority #1: Teaching, Training and Motivating Sales Staff while Riding Along with them in the Field to Ensure Quota Attainment Working with your reps is your top priority and where 60% or more of work time should be spent. This … continue reading »

The Problem With "Damn Good" . . .

Posted March 27, 2011

The Problem with “Damn Good” is that it might mislead you into thinking you don’t need to get better. The Problem with “Damn Good” is that our focus usually shifts to the things that need polishing, which is quite cool actually, until . . . The item that once needed polishing reaches “Damn Good” status … continue reading »

Building Your Network BEFORE You Need It

Posted March 26, 2011

There are 3 areas of frustration that people convey to me with regard to their social network. 1) People seem a bit hesitant to want to chat with them in real time. Real time being a phone call, meeting for a cup of coffee etc. 2) People in their network are either hesitant or just … continue reading »

The Point Of Success . . .

Posted March 25, 2011

I was listening to the audio version of Seth Godin’s new book Poke The Box when he said something that really hit home for me. He went off script and talked about the many business failures he’s had and even made a reference to having to eat Mac n Cheese because of money being tight. … continue reading »

How To Profit From "Twitterbitching"!

Posted March 21, 2011

There is a serious opportunity that awaits the aspiring rock star, but it is easily missed because it’s easily dismissed. Please allow me to introduce you to the fine art of “Twitterbitching” Twitterbitching (verb) The act of complaining via Twitter. See also piss and moan, hemming and hawing, yakkin about and twittum bitcherendi Now, just … continue reading »

A Word To The Busy . . .

Posted March 20, 2011

So it’s Monday and hopefully you have a busy week ahead. And speaking of being busy . . . Don’t Ever Be So Busy . . . That you forget to laugh . . . “At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities.”  ~Jean Houston That you forget … continue reading »

Your 90 Day Death Cycle!

Posted March 18, 2011

Pardon the grim topic on this fine Friday afternoon but its something we all have to be conscious of. Now if you’ll just scroll down to the handy dandy audio player, you can enjoy this 2 minute sales tip! Podcast Powered By Podbean Download this episode (right click and save) Paul Castain is the Vice … continue reading »

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