A Different New Year’s Resolution

Posted December 28, 2011

I’m sure I’m not the first one to tell you that most new year’s resolutions are abandoned well within the first quarter of the new year. Actually, I was being nice . . . its more like 30 days or less! Some say its because we’re doing it in a moment of “this is what … continue reading »

Giving Away A $50 Amazon Card Today

Posted December 23, 2011

Stop by our Facebook fan page. Leave a comment, like the page and that’s it! Today at 3:00 EST I’ll put the names in a hat and select a winner and they’ll get a gift card emailed to them immediately. Thought it might be fun before we break for the holidays! Good luck! http://www.facebook.com/PaulCastainsSalesPlaybook

Serving A Side Order Of "YOU"

Posted December 23, 2011

The worst kind of lesson to learn is the one that you already knew but knew it so well that you never did a damn thing about it! I had a reality check yesterday when I received this holiday card from my friend Jamie McClennan from The Seibel Group Of course I receive this after … continue reading »

How My Death Taught Me To Live

Posted December 22, 2011

The pallbearers brought my coffin slowly down the aisle as the organist played “Lighter shade of pale” She played it with just the right amount of sadness and I must say I was proud of my entrance for a change. Truth be told, I was a little disappointed in the turnout. Don’t get me wrong, … continue reading »

Obsessing Over Social Networking Numbers

Posted December 21, 2011

I constantly see people on LinkedIn boasting about how many “connections” they have or putting things out there that read “Connect with me I have 20,000 direct contacts” On Twitter I’ll see things that read “Who will be my 1,000 follower?” In fact, I think that was me at one point. Note: How is that … continue reading »

The Last Christmas Gift

Posted December 19, 2011

Tucked away in a safe place within the walls of my heart, is a vision of my Father, Christmas Eve some 24 years ago. I can vividly see the look upon his face because it was a look that transcended all expression. It was beyond gratitude or joy and it was as if he were … continue reading »

The Good And Bad News About Our Ego

Posted December 18, 2011

Do you have an ego? Of course you do and there’s a good and bad side to it. As sales professionals our ego protects us against rejection specifically that whole taking it personally part. The ego also helps with our confidence and enables us to leap tall obstacles in a single bound but . . … continue reading »

Re Humanizing Sales

Posted December 15, 2011

For over 3 years now I’ve encouraged my readers to embrace social networking, blogging, content creation and a variety of tools that comprise the “Sales 2.0” tool set. Quite frankly, I’m starting to worry! I’m starting to worry because there are way too many people who allow their prospects and clients to live exclusively on … continue reading »

Dismissing The "Little Dude"

Posted December 14, 2011

I received a really lousy email from my credit card processing company the other day and it didn’t sit well with me! For no rhyme or reason they decided to hold all transactions for 21 days before I can access my funds. Meanwhile, I have never received complaints. I haven’t had to refund one dime … continue reading »

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