Would You Agree To Something This Intrusive?

Posted March 27, 2012

There was an Associated Press article last week that documented cases of job applicants being asked to hand over their Facebook passwords so their prospective employers could check their background. While many of us are an “open book” and have nothing to hide, this is a way for potential employers to  . . . Learn … continue reading »

The Decision We Always Regret

Posted March 26, 2012

The decision we always regret is the one we fail to make. On the surface its because we’ve put it off. Below the surface its because we’re scared. Scared of trying . . . only to fail. Scared of leaving our safe harbor. Scared of the unknown? This whole business of non decision is a … continue reading »

How To Handle Rejection

Posted March 26, 2012

So did you hear the one about the sales rep who was told no? How about the one about the other sales rep who was rejected? Sorry these aren’t jokes . . . they represent the reality we face as sales professionals. I thought I’d take this discussion away from the typical “motivational speeches” we … continue reading »

A Different Way To Ask For Referrals!

Posted March 20, 2012

Perhaps the lowest hanging of the low hanging fruit is the referral and yet we don’t ask for them nearly enough! I’m sure there are a variety of reasons for this ranging from “feeling funny asking the dude/dudette” to not having a good way to ask. Today, we shall tackle both! My Dad taught me … continue reading »

Paul’s 2 Part Webinar Begins Today!

Posted March 20, 2012

I’m looking forward to “seeing” everyone today at 1:30 EST for Part I in our two part webinar series “5 Keys To A Better Prospect Meeting” Here’s the game plan . . . Today, we’re going to cover how to take control of our meetings (without being controlling) specifically how to start with a strong … continue reading »

5 Better Ways To Build Rapport!

Posted March 18, 2012

A sales trainer walks into a room of sales reps and asks them how they build rapport  and guess how they respond? “I generally look around my prospect’s office to see what they are interested in and make conversation based on what I see” You saw that one coming right? Do you think that approach … continue reading »

The Case Of The "Know It All Prospect"

Posted March 15, 2012

As you know, each week I pose a thought provoking question to our Sales Playbook Linkedin group. This week, we discuss a scenario where the prospect only wants to focus on a specific project and avoids questions outside of their immediate needs. Come join us, see what others have to say and by all means, … continue reading »

Antiquated Sales Messages!

Posted March 12, 2012

Sometimes we can all be a tad guilty of clinging to the same messaging, over and over and over. In this video I throw down a challenge for you to take a good, hard look at the messages you need to deliver in sales and . . . Bring those bad boys up to date! … continue reading »

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