The Sales Manager Sales Rep Relationship

Posted September 29, 2012

Podcast Powered By Podbean I get emails all the time from Sales Managers looking for ideas on how they can improve their relationship with their reps and guess what? I get plenty of emails from sales reps looking for help in that department too! I thought it might be a good idea to do a … continue reading »

You’re Lazy If You Don’t Cold Call . . . Really?

Posted September 27, 2012

There’s quite a debate going on these days in sales cubicles, conference rooms, classrooms and of course, Linkedin groups on everyone’s favorite subject . . . Cold Calling. For the most part, I now avoid these debates much like I would religion or politics. Not because I’m worried about offending anyone, but because much like … continue reading »

Would You Like More Time For Money Activities?

Posted September 26, 2012

Most sales professionals feel like they’re running, running running with a severe shortage of what experts call “enough hours in the day”. More often than not, we’re in “response” mode instead of doing things that are proactive. Guess what? Little by little, day by day . . . we miss opportunities simply because we can’t … continue reading »

The Sales Playbook Facebook Community!

Posted September 26, 2012

I get several emails each week from readers of this blog who are surprised (pleasantly) that we have a Facebook community. It’s not something that I promote often but even still . . . We’ve grown by over 1400+ aspiring sales rock stars and . . . I could sure use your help . . … continue reading »

A Cool Way To Brand A Thank You

Posted September 25, 2012

You don’t need me to remind you that we have to stand out! Here’s a really easy thing you can do to brand your next “Thank You” I create customized amazon gift cards. These cards aren’t physically printed, they are emailed and they can make quite an impact! Here’s one of mine Some other ideas/uses … continue reading »

“We Only Hire Sales Reps With Good Credit!”

Posted September 24, 2012

There are many companies that require credit checks as part of their hiring process for sales reps. I’m going to skip all the foreplay and tell you, flat out, that I’m not a fan of it for several reasons . . . 1)   Unless this sales rep will have authority to sign checks, access the … continue reading »

Stop Beating Yourself Up!

Posted September 24, 2012

We can be rather hard on ourselves in sales! Some of you might find yourself knee deep in beating yourself up right now, as you approach month end! I have a quick 3 minute audio tip for you with 3 very cool things you can do . . . right now, to turn things around! … continue reading »

Sales Reps . . . You Better Hide Your Awards!

Posted September 23, 2012

As sales professionals, we can be a mighty proud bunch when it comes to our accomplishments. Many of us, who have won awards, proudly display them in our office but we might be hurting our efforts with our customers and potential customers. Dan Kennedy in his book, No B.S. Trust-Based Marketing tells an interesting story … continue reading »

Carving Out A Few Minutes For Y.O.U.

Posted September 21, 2012

Somewhere between the kid’s games, the weekend projects and getting caught up with those people who mean the most to you . . . Make sure you carve out some time for Y.O.U.! Whether it’s a quiet walk Some thinking time Exercise Cracking open that book you’ve been meaning to read or . . . … continue reading »

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