You'll Need To Deal With This 28,600 Times In The Next Year

Posted September 29, 2013

It’s a little something called “sending and receiving emails” and according Radicatti Group, the average person sends and receives 110 of those bad boys each day. I’m not sure if you realize this but . . . There’s a hidden “screw you” in those numbers. If you’re like most people, you feel that the world … continue reading »

The Student, The Teacher, The Candle & The Window

Posted September 27, 2013

There once was a young student who told his teacher that he had figured out part of the meaning of life. His teacher looked at him rather confused and asked him to enlighten him. The young student, lit a big candle and placed it by a window. Within no time a small breeze blew the … continue reading »

5 Reasons Why I WON’T Sell You A Pen In A Job Interview

Posted September 25, 2013

So there you are in a job interview and all of a sudden, the interviewer shows you their pen and asks you to sell it to them. After you ask them “Well since you’re holding the pen, you’ve obviously already bought it, so why the hell would I waste everyone’s time by trying to resell … continue reading »

The Importance Of A Developmental Wishlist

Posted September 24, 2013

For as long as I can remember, once all my monthly sales were “in the bank” I’d sit with my wife and devise a plan. A plan? Yep . . . a plan for reinvesting some of the earnings left over after paying bills, socking aside a few dollars for the proverbial “rainy day” etc. … continue reading »

How To Deal With Failure

Posted September 22, 2013

As sales professionals, business owners and aspiring rock stars in our own right, failure is an unfortunate part of the equation. It’s an unfortunate part of the equation and yet we allow it to take us from our dreams or worse yet, keep us from trying. Today, we are going to have a real candid … continue reading »

T-Minus 4 Days Until We Rock!

Posted September 21, 2013

Sometimes we have great intentions of doing something but we get caught up in other things and the next thing you know the opportunity passes us by. Even though I’ve been promoting our upcoming online sales course since early August, there will be people who meant to enroll but will miss the deadline this Monday. … continue reading »

How Would You React To A Sports Team That Did This?

Posted September 20, 2013

So imagine if you will, turning on your TV to watch your favorite sports team but they aren’t playing. At first you think there’s some kind of minor glitch but the camera shows you something that shocks you. Some of the players are reviewing plays. Others are still warming up. Some are even pissing and … continue reading »

Are You Doing This With Your Social Network?

Posted September 19, 2013

There’s something that I used to do with my social network and it was killing me! I actually quit and labeled it all as “useless” as a result of this! My guess is that you might be doing this too. It’s called “Doing nothing!” You know, you sort of kind of go through the motions … continue reading »

5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Phone Skills

Posted September 18, 2013

When was the last time you took a real hard look at your new account acquisition activities? If you’re like most sales reps, you might be doing the same things, over and over again out of habit. Here are 5 very simple things for you to do that can help increase your success. Take a … continue reading »

Stop Complicating Your Sale

Posted September 18, 2013

Today’s blog post is actually a blast from the past that I thought needed to be reemphasized. So I go to the bank the other day and made one of those deposits that makes you feel like you entered the bank to the tune of heavenly harps or in my case Hendrix doing the Star … continue reading »

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