How Opposites CAN Attract More Business

Posted June 30, 2016

We’d all like to think we’re different, but sadly, to our clients/prospects, we’re actually quite typical. The problem with “Typical” is that its a formula for being forgotten about and; It’s also a formula that invites competitor’s to come kick your ass! In this week’s episode of The Sales Playbook Podcast, I outline several examples … continue reading »

5 Reasons Why Referrals Should Be Your Low Hanging Fruit

Posted June 30, 2016

Sometimes we get so used to hearing something, that the familiarity of the message, keeps us away from the importance of the overall message. Like asking for referrals. If I were to ask you “Why should sales reps ask for referrals?” After seriously considering giving me a sobriety test, I’m guessing you’d say “Because it’s … continue reading »

Want To Win More Business . . .Fight Your Instincts!

Posted June 29, 2016

It’s amazing what happens to otherwise hardworking people once they approach a holiday weekend. Take the Fourth of July holiday as an example. It isn’t until Monday, and we’re only talking one day, but; Many a sales rep have already “mentally checked out” They tell themselves bullsh*t stories about how its a bad week to … continue reading »

How To Leave A Better Voicemail

Posted June 28, 2016

The way you leave a more compelling voicemail message is exactly the same way you deliver a more compelling message, when you get someone “live” on the other end of the phone and . . . It’s also the same way you craft a more compelling email message, and write a better note, that you … continue reading »

One Way To Warm Up A Cold Call

Posted June 27, 2016

There are now approximately 2.8 billion social networking accounts worldwide and that number will grow to over 4.3 billion within the next few years. There are over 250 million blogs worldwide as of 2014 and . . . There are over 100 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every SECOND! Talk about useless info, … continue reading »

The 3 Opportunities We Can Miss Going Into A Holiday Week

Posted June 27, 2016

My message going into a holiday week is simple . . . Don’t be challenged by holidays, LEVERAGE THEM!!! There are 3 absolutely awesome opportunities going into a holiday week, that many of your competitors are going to miss. And sadly, you might miss them too, if all you do is consume today’s blog post … continue reading »

Want More Sales? Be More Daring!

Posted June 24, 2016

There are things that jump out at us in sales and yet, we choose to leave well enough alone. Sometimes we avoid the subject because we don’t want to jeopardize the sale, hurt feelings or who knows, incite a riot but . . . You’re doing your prospect/client a disservice when you avoid the “elephant … continue reading »

Why Looking For "Pain" Might Limit You As A Sales Rep

Posted June 23, 2016

From the beginning of time, we were taught that we have to uncover the “pain”. So, being the good, law abiding, aspiring sales rock stars, that we are, we put all this artillery fire on searching for “pain”; That may or may not be there! I see  two flaws to this logic. 1)   If there … continue reading »

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