How To Use The Fall/Winter Selling Season To Your Advantage

Posted September 30, 2016

One of the biggest mistakes sales reps make, is spewing the same tired message, on the same noisy channels. Have you looked at how you can actually leverage the fall/winter season to change that up a bit? Think about the holidays that are going to transpire between now and the first week in January. Here’s a partial … continue reading »

Why I Decided To Sacrifice NOW To Sell MORE Later

Posted September 29, 2016

I began to think about year end and the inevitable “mental sabbatical” buyers would be taking back in July! As good as business has been for me at Castain Training Systems, I knew things would still slow down dramatically but; I also knew that I couldn’t afford to miss several weeks of activity and; I think … continue reading »

With Only 59 Selling Days Left, What's Your Plan?

Posted September 28, 2016

Say It Isn’t So . . . I looked at the calendar this morning and had one of those “Say it isn’t so!” moments! We have approximately 59 more selling days left this year! With that in mind, I have a few questions that I’d like for you to answer. Before you read them, I … continue reading »

The Patience/Urgency Challenge In Sales

Posted September 27, 2016

Whenever I speak at sales conventions, I’ll ask how many people (by a show of hands) are married. Then I ask a really crazy follow up question . . . “How long does it take for two people to fall in love?” That’s when you see heads tilting and that look of “Where the hell … continue reading »

Do You Possess The Qualities Of A Sales Rock Star

Posted September 25, 2016

I thought I’d offer you a cool freebie today. It’s a checklist of qualities we ALL need to own in order to maximize our sales efforts. Instructions. . . Print it out Rate yourself on each quality, on a scale from 1-10 Flag the skills where you need some polish. Do something about it! Pass … continue reading »

Expediting Your Opportunities Through The Upcoming Holiday Season

Posted September 25, 2016

So here we are at the end of September and Castain goes and brings up the holidays. Why? Because the work you do now, just like the work you’ve done all year, makes or breaks how you’re going to finish. What’s your plan to navigate your opportunities, when prospects start to hit the brakes right after Thanksgiving? How … continue reading »

10 Ways To Get Noticed By Your Network

Posted September 24, 2016

How does one stand out in a sea of networking contacts? Funny you should ask . . . 1)    Get on a committee at your local chamber with the goal of eventually chairing that committee. Doing so makes you a “go to” person which dramatically increases your visibility 2)    Show up consistently in any of … continue reading »

A Neglected Source Of Opportunity

Posted September 23, 2016

It’s a sad reality that in sales, people are going to tell us “Thanks but no thanks!” It’s also a sad reality that people WON’T give you that courtesy and will simply go “M.I.A.” That’s why you might want to ask your ego to leave the room and; Call everyone who either turned you down, … continue reading »

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