Please Read This BEFORE The Holiday Weekend Begins

Posted August 31, 2017

Many of you are either going to be taking  a well deserved extra day off tomorrow, or perhaps you’ll be in the office, but mentally checked out! Either way, I’d like for you to do something BEFORE tomorrow; I’d like for you to look at your schedule for next Thursday, September 7th at 11:30 am … continue reading »

How To Prospect More Creatively

Posted August 29, 2017

For the past few days I’ve been offering tips on how you can stand out by using a little creativity with your prospecting efforts. If you were to look at your numbers for a moment; How many potential clients call you back when you leave a message? How many potential clients reply to your emails? … continue reading »

When You Bore Potential Clients . . .

Posted August 27, 2017

You might be losing opportunities simply because you’re boring . . . I know, Ouch but read on anyway! In your defense, its actually quite easy to bore a potential client. You bore potential clients when you . . . Keep saying the same things, over and over again, via the same form of outreach (you … continue reading »

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