The Key To A BETTER Sales Kick-Off Meeting

Posted September 29, 2017

We’re rapidly approaching the time of year when sales teams get together for their sales kick-off meetings. Here are a few quick thoughts to help you plan a sales kick-off that kicks ass! Talk About Sh*t That Matters To Your Team How do you know what matters to them? How about asking them. I know, … continue reading »

Thank God I Had A “Plan B”

Posted September 28, 2017

9 years ago I decided to do something that took me way outside my comfort zone! I decided to actually start utilizing LinkedIn. This was after I had quit the site because I didn’t see the point. But then I decided to return because I wanted to write a book and thought it might help but; I … continue reading »

How To Get A Much BETTER Response Rate From Your Social Network

Posted September 26, 2017

One of the biggest complaints I hear about social networking efforts is a lack of response. And I know you’re thinking “Don’t they call it a “SOCIAL Network”? As crazy as that is, there’s a way to dramatically increase your response rates via your social network. Before I get to the main technique I want to … continue reading »

Why LinkedIn vs Cold Calling Is The WRONG Question

Posted September 24, 2017

For several years now, I’ve witnessed an absolutely useless debate pitting the cold call vs LinkedIn or cold calling vs “social selling”. In this week’s episode we explore why this is the absolutely WRONG question to be asking and why you might want to seriously consider BOTH. Download this episode (right click and save) How … continue reading »

10 LinkedIn Templates To Help You ROCK Your Network!

Posted September 22, 2017

You’ve connected on LinkedIn . . . Now what? What do you say and when should you say it? Oh, and for the gold star, how do you nurture that “connection” into a full fledged client? The short answer is that you need to create a communication plan; Right from the word “Hello” I have … continue reading »

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