3 Ways To Keep Someone’s Attention

by Paul Castain on March 16, 2011

We are living in a world that is now in a constant state of distraction!

There are just way too many things that distract us from the kazillion alerts we have set, to our blackberries and even our need to multitask!

Here are 3 ideas to help you navigate this challenging landscape.

Numero Uno: Shorten Your Messaging!

I learned this one the hard way as some of my emails a few years ago were the equivalent of mini novels.

So what do people do when then get a mini novel email or even one that is just too lengthy by their definition?

They scan it or they make a note to get back to it later. Sadly, they might just delete it.

Not cool!

Guy Kawasaki, in his book Enchantment, suggests that we keep our emails to no more than 6 sentences. I’ve heard others who try to keep it so the whole email can be read in the window of a blackberry without having to scroll.

Some other messaging guidelines to think about

Voicemails . . . no more than 15 seconds. 10 would be ideal.

Powerpoints: (if you must) No more than 10 slides with strict adherence to the . . .

“1-6-6 Rule” 1 theme. 6 bullets of no more than 6 words each on each slide.

Numero Dos: Use “3’s” To Help People Process

I’ve seen this technique used with customer service agents reciting back an order number, sales reps using selling points bundled in “3’s” and even  this sentence where I just used “3’s”.

Numero 3ish  Be Interactive.

The longer we talk, or write the easier it is to pack your mental bags for an outer body experience so . . .

When you present (formally or informally) follow the 2 minute rule! This is simply asking a question or involving the other party every 2 minutes.

Note: This is particularly important on conference calls where you have a high degree of multitasking, people playing brick breaker etc. :)

Don’t forget to make your emails more interactive by ending them with a question.

Make sense?

See . . . that was me practicing what I preach!

Until next time, make sure you shorten your messaging, package your thoughts in 3’s and make it more interactive!

Paul Castain is the Vice President of Jedi Mastery for Castain Training Systems where he works with organizations and individuals to achieve higher levels of performance. For more information on how Paul can help you and your company click here dude.

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