3 Ways To Leverage Holidays In Your Sales Mix

by Paul Castain on May 1, 2012

Want a cool way to stand out with your prospects/clients?

Try leveraging holidays in your sales mix!

Here are three quick and easy ways for you to make it happen!

Leverage the holiday as a an opportunity to change up your messaging.

For example, you could send cards out on to all the Moms that you know of on Mother’s Day.

You could send a cool resource out to the Mom’s in your network.

One of my clients goes around and drops carnations off for the Mom’s she does business with.

On Father’s Day I sent a bunch of people a link to a cool website for Dads!

Me and one of my sales reps went out on Halloween one year with treat bags filled with candy, a business card, a pen and little note. We not only generated interest, in several cases we had a quick face to face (and got to eat some candy with them . . . I can think of worse things to do)

You could  have some fun with the themes around certain holidays like . . .

For Valentine’s Day . . . Have a “We love you as a customer”  or “We’d LOVE to have you as a customer” theme!

For July 4th . . . How about something around the “Independence” theme?

What other holidays could you leverage in a creative and yet tasteful way?

For example, I’m thinking you might piss a few people off if you screw with a Memorial Day theme or leverage Martin Luther King day in some hokey creative campaign but I’m funny like that.

Last, but not least, perhaps you could tie in a holiday to your product or service in a way that creates a need.

Audible.com did this brilliantly today with an email campaign.

The subject line read “This Mother’s Day, Thank Your First Narrator”

I see this and I’m like “Narrator? What the heck are they talking about?” Then I open the email and see this and get freakin misty eyed thinking about how my mom would go to read me “Green Eggs and Ham” (or something) with a 3 year old me saying “What, no Zig Ziglar or Dale Carnegie today mom? I promise I’ll be good and launch a really cool sales blog one day if you hook a brother up”

So there you have it, 3 really simple ways to utilize holidays in your sales mix.

Before you go, I want to challenge you to think about these ideas and see what you can do to add this to your mix.

Note To Sales Managers/Vice Presidents Of Sales etc: This is yet another thing you can get your team thinking about in your next sales meeting. Introduce this concept in an email, and tell everyone to either bring their ideas to the next sales meeting or send them to you and (get this) you can compile a PDF with everyone’s ideas . . . now that’s how you leverage the collective brain power of a sales team!

Your turn . . . What are your thoughts on leveraging holidays? Do you have any examples you can share with us?

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