5 Free Resources To Help You Sell More!

by Paul Castain on June 13, 2013

There are several free resources that I offer that I want to make sure you’re taking full advantage of.

Here they are in no particular order . . .

1) The Sales Playbook Podcast

This, to me, is the #1 thing you should be taking full advantage of because it’s basically a free 25-40 minute sales lesson coming at cha 2-3 times per month. Once I record this week’s session, there will be 80 episodes with mucho tips for you to bring your skills up a notch or 3. My suggestion would be to click here to subscribe via iTunes this way you won’t ever miss a free sales lesson from your Uncle Paul!

PS We now have over 41, 5 star ratings on iTunes. An all caps THANK YOU to all who have taken the time to review us and leave comments on iTunes!

2) My Free Stuff Page On yoursalesplaybook.com

This is were you’ll find all kinds of free eBooks and PDF’s like “70 Totally Random Phone Tips” and “75 Qualities of Sales Rock Stars” “15 Ways To Facilitate A LinkedIn Discussion” etc. You’ll want to bookmark that page and check back every now and again for additional freebies!

3) Facebook Community

Our Facebook community is growing rapidly with over 1900 aspiring sales rock stars just like you. Each day, I try to ask our Facebook community a different sales related question and we usually get a nice response. Please click here to have a look and remember to “like” us so you can continue to get updates and interact with this awesome sales community!

4) The Sales Playbook Community On LinkedIn

There are over 35,000 aspiring sales rock stars in our LinkedIn community and it’s very different than the bulk of the groups you’ll find on LinkedIn. How? For starters, we actually manage the community and allow absolutely no spam, self promo or pissing contests you’ll find in the other groups. You’ll also find that when someone has a need, our community is quick to jump in and offer their ideas and expertise.

Please click here to check it out for yourself!

5) This Blog

I offer free sales tips here several days per week and if you really want to rock your sales, you might want to check out the more than 800 posts I have here waiting for you!

One other thing, if you haven’t done so already, click here and subscribe to this blog so you never miss a single post.

Already subscribed? Then please hook a Jedi up and forward this to your network so we can get them to embrace a little free sales development!

Lots of free stuff from Paul Castain on his blog today

So there you have it folks . . . Mucho free things for you to assist in your acquisition of ridiculous sales chops!

If you found value in today’s post (and all these freebies) would you please forward a link to my blog to your sales team?

FYI . . .

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