5 Must Have Human Relations Skills

by Paul Castain on July 14, 2011

I was having lunch with someone the other day and both of us agreed that manners and common courtesy have gone by the wayside.

Call me crazy, but I don’t see that as a bad thing!

Alright, that was pretty freakin crazy and I said it for pure shock value.

What I really should have said was “It’s a great opportunity for those who ‘get it’ to shine!”

Here are a few painfully simple human relations principles that can help you bring things up a notch or three!

1)   People Have Names . . . Use Them! Now I’m pretty certain that we’re alright with this one face to face, but how about in electronic form? Do you strip someone of their identity by not addressing them by name in an email? I’m seeing this more and more and quite frankly it’s just plain lazy! I feel like the next step in this spiral downward is addressing someone with a grunt.  Dale Carnegie once said something along the lines of the sweetest sound, in any language is the sound of one’s name!

2)   Everyone Has A Story And Wants To Be Heard! The biggest challenge with all this technology and the speed in which we are interacting is that it is very rare that we are truly listened to. When was the last time someone listened to you with genuine interest? Who do you need to start listening to that you tend to pass by and discount? Here’s a handy dandy poster to help you remember this one!

3)   Dedicate Yourself To Making Others Look Like Rock Stars! Here’s a simple question for you to ask yourself every single day “Who can I help look like a rock star today?” Is there someone who you can acknowledge or thank in front of their tribe? Can you refer someone? Can you offer a no strings attached idea. Bottom line: Who doesn’t need a little good press these days?

4)   Understand That You Can Walk Away! This one came to me later in life as I probably enjoyed verbally kicking someone’s ass (who deserved it) more than normal folk. The minute I catch myself going down that road today, I interrupt my pattern by asking myself “Why?” and then remove myself. Eventually I will be able to do so without muttering a profanity under my breath but I admit to being a work in progress.

5)   Repeat After Me “Thank You” I can’t begin to tell you how many people miss this one from the person on Twitter who never thanks people for Retweeting to the cashier who just stares at you at the end of a transaction. Do you regularly thank your clients? How about your coworkers? Just for a goof, challenge yourself to find some creative and memorable way to say “Thank You!”

There’s a lot more to add to this list folks so let me ask you . . .

What are some must have human relations skills for the aspiring Jedi?

Check this out . . .

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