How To Differentiate Your Company

by Paul Castain on October 21, 2012

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Today’s buyers have more choices than ever before and that makes it way too easy for you to blend or worse yet . . .

Find yourself in a situation where the buyer has defaulted to price as the key component in their selection process.

In the absence of value, people will default to price

We all drop the “v” word but . . .

Many struggle with how to truly present the value we bring to the party.

Today . . . we’re gonna go there!

Here’s what you’ll learn during today’s podcast . . .

5 ways you can set your company apart

A forgotten selling point and the one thing that drives it home

A critical component that makes you more believable

An awesome way to bring important parts of your offer to life

How you can use analogies to help your prospects understand and appreciate your value

A call to action to break the rules of your industry and “show up” differently

Additional Resources To Support Today’s Podcast . . .

1)   Before you can ever begin to differentiate . . . you need to understand your audience better than anyone else. Click here to get inside your prospect’s head!

2)   3 ways for you to be more compelling.

3)   Want to become more believable? Click here.

4)   Here’s a real thorough write up I did on using evidence to add credibility to your words.

5)   Click here if you’d like to get better at presenting your company and your awesome solutions with IMPACT!

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