What To Do During A Holiday Week!

by Paul Castain on November 17, 2012

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Come on . . . this is a real timely topic and you know it!

Clients and prospects are taking time off.

Clients and prospects mentally checking out and . . .

You might be mentally checking out too!


Because you might have convinced yourself that nothing is going to get done this week.

EPIC mistake!

Don’t check out this week . . . check this out instead!

Here’s what you’ll learn during today’s podcast . . .

The decision you need to make this week. Actually, the decision you need to make NOW before you begin your week!

Where, how and why emails are a good thing during peak vacation/holiday seasons.

A really cool (and super easy) social networking strategy that you can do immediately . . . and stand out!

How you can get a 24-26% higher open rate and why.

A certain type of call you can make that’s productive especially when the decision maker isn’t around. Imagine that!

How snail mail can be utilized this week. (note to my printing friends and the US Postal Service: You’re Welcome)

Additional Resources To Support Today’s Podcast . . .

1)   A trap people fall into during holidays.

2)   3 Ways you can leverage holidays in your “sales mix”.

3)   Meticulous Pre Call Planning.

4)   How you can use blank cards to jolt your business!

5)   Stonehouse Collection has some cool cards you can send.

6)   SendOutCards is a great way for you to send cards during the holiday season. One of our listeners, Julie Hansberry, sells them and you can learn more by clicking here.

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