7 Simple Ways To Demonstrate Your Expertise

by Paul Castain on July 1, 2014

Today’s buyers want to check you out, anonymously, from a distance. You do know that. Right?

While many of you instantly said “Well good luck because there’s nothing incriminating out there” you neglected to say that’s because there’s actually NOTHING out there with your name on it when they take the inevitable trip to their favorite search engine!

And in that moment of them finding NOTHING, their eyeballs go someplace else, simply because you failed to give them what they were looking for.

And what are they looking for?

Well aside from confirmation that you exist, they are looking for someone who knows what they’re talking about. Someone with expertise.

Million dollar question (literally) coming at cha in 3,2,1 . . .

How does one do that? Many ways but here are 7 super simple ways for starters!

1) Understand those who buy your widget better than anyone else!

How do you do that?

Fire yourself . . . then rehire yourself as the buyer of your widget.

What would aggravate, annoy you and irritate you to no end if you were that person?

What things would excite you, motivate you and represent awesome opportunities if you were that person?

What would you be afraid of, cautious of, reluctant to try etc?

Oh, and here’s a biggie . . .

What would be the top 25 questions you would have if you were this person?

This is an exercise I have all my clients do once per quarter, (on their own and in a team setting). This will keep you relevant!

2) Each day, give one tip via your status updates on the various social networks where you are interacting. This can easily be created in advance and placed in a word doc. Each day, you simply “cut and paste”

3) Get involved in LinkedIn groups. Ask questions and answer questions.

Time Out: Did you just give me one of those “Duh, everybody knows that Castain” eye rolls? Awesome, so that means you’re actively involved in LinkedIn Discussions? Didn’t think so!

Want to kick that one up a notch? Consider starting a LinkedIn group like I did! 43,500 members later, I’d say it was a smart move!

4) Create a PDF with 3-5 things a buyer should know when they’re in the market for your product or service. Place that bad boy on your LinkedIn profile, send it out to your network etc.

5) Be “Helpful not salesy” everyday! I like to start each day with a question “Good morning! How can I help you today?” When I first started asking it, I heard lots of crickets, now I get lots of private messages asking me questions. Additionally, you should be on the lookout for people who are looking for answers to questions, looking for resources to help them on a project etc and then offer to have a quick 15 minute chat to talk them through it.

6) Screw Marketing . . . Send your own newsletter. Marketing (Bless their heart) is concerned with marketing the company, not you. That’s why you need something to hit everyone’s inbox every so often. Respecting that “Helpful not salesy” mindset will help you demonstrate your expertise. Oh, and make sure that this and any form of content you create addresses the things I suggested you do in item #1. Seriously, this is how you stay relevant and people say “Holy sh*t this dude knows what they’re talking ’bout”

7) Embrace YouTube Disclaimer: This one gets a “Do as I say, not as I do” from yours truly. I’m on YouTube, but nowhere near as much as I should considering what I do for a living. But that’s me, and I’m going to up by game. How about you? Are you taking advantage of the fact that YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine  . . . owned by the world’s largest? Don’t ever underestimate the power of someone looking into your eyes, hearing your voice, observing your mannerisms. And did I mention it’s the world’s second largest search engine?

You could take that same idea of offering tips, answering those top 25 questions and (wait for it) being “helpful not salesy”

8) This will blow you mind . . . Just by showing up, regularly, with a consistent helpful message, across multiple platforms, you will be considered an expert over time. Think I’m kidding? I can name (but that would be tacky) at least 2 dozen examples of people who had like 15 minutes of experience and all they did was keep showing up religiously. Meanwhile they were considered experts. It baffles me to no end because in most cases they offered nothing and yet that showing up thing created an aura of “expert”. And that should piss you off by the way because . . .

Someone with a fraction of your experience ate your lunch while you sat on your rear and waited for the world to beat a path to your door or something.

Any who, there you have it . . .

7 (really) Simple Ways To Demonstrate Your Expertise.

The best part, is that they won’t really cost you anything to do . . .

Other than some sweat and some detergent to clean the uniform you’ll be getting dirty.

One more thing . . .

I sort of know a little bit about this stuff!

By doing various forms of those 8 things, I was able to leave a job as a VP for a billion dollar company to start Castain Training Systems 3 years ago.

These simple things have kept me good company on my journey and I hope they will keep you good company on your journey too!


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  • rmukeshgupta

    Great points Paul.. I am on my way in the journey to be considered an “Expert” and your points will definitely help me make the journey more interesting, fun & an accelerated one..

  • You certainly are Mukesh !

    Keep up the great work!

  • Michael

    Great Pointers! I am taking all your advice seriously. I am learning.

  • Hey thanks Michael!

    Very nice if you to stop by and take the time to comment!


  • Michael


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