Overlooked Sales Opportunities

by Paul Castain on January 26, 2013

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As good as we’d all like to think we are, we miss opportunities and leave the proverbial “money on the table”. Not a great place to be for an aspiring sales rock star and that’s why I have 5 ideas to get you thinking (and even rethinking) your approach.

Here’s what you’ll learn during today’s podcast . . .

A place none of us like to look and if by chance we look there, we’re not realistic about it.

3 things that you must become obsessed with in order to maximize your opportunities.

A really simple question to ask yourself as you plan your week and another one to ask yourself as you embrace your day to day sales activities.

Something dangerous that happens with your clients and how you can stop it.

A structure you can use when visiting your accounts to maximize opportunities.

A simple framework that I call “The 98/2” rule

A reminder about your “Acres Of Diamonds”

How to know where the “money is” right now, as you hunt business.

A radical concept that completely contradicts everything you where taught about hunting opportunities.

Two ideas for sales meetings so you and your team can brainstorm 2 really cool revenue generating ideas.

Someone you should consider targeting as a point of entry in the businesses you hunt.

And If That Doesn’t Do It For You . . .

I give away something, really cool . . . No strings attached!

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