How To Create An Effective Post Call Plan

by Paul Castain on February 16, 2013

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You’ve just finished a meeting with a prospect . . .

Now What?

What do you do?

What are your next steps?

Today . . . we’re going to go there!

Here’s What You’ll Gain By Listening Today . . .

A question that everyone managing a sales team needs to ask in their next sales meeting. Yep, something you can actually talk about without reviewing “Mary’s numbers” and other outer body experience inducing activities.

6 questions you should ask IMMEDIATELY after your appointment.

Someone you might want to call right after your meeting.

3 things you need to send your prospect and more importantly; why!

How to get your prospect emotionally charged up enough to move them off of the fence of indifference.

Something you need to approach your prospect with between meetings.

Why “Homework” is essential to the courtship.

Additional Resources To Support Today’s Podcast . . .

1)   I mention how I write certain things down in my journal. For more information on how you can keep a journal, click here.

2)   I like to use “blank cards” when writing “Thank You’s”.

3)    Believe it or not, a “thank you” actually saved my rear end. Check it out here.

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