A Cool Way To Get Someone Off The Fence

by Paul Castain on November 7, 2013

It was almost 2 years ago that I was considering a specific CRM for my business.

I had a nice chat with the sale rep.

Exchanged a few emails and then . . .

I went “M.I.A.”!

I got caught up in a few things, and this was no longer a priority . . . at that moment.

The rep kept calling, emailing etc and I was basically an ass because I didn’t respond.

She didn’t get dicky with me

She didn’t threaten to “close the file” (hate that one by the way)

Nor did she pull the old “resend the email from the sent file” thing!

She did something better . . .

She sent two people to my home to beat the hell out of me and force me to sign their agreement. Come on, I got you for like a second there but seriously . . .

She sent me an email with the following subject line . . .

“How Should We Proceed Paul?” Note: I’m a big fan of using the recipient’s name in the subject line!

Then she gently reminded me about the progress we’ve made and that she’d like to know how we should proceed.

Short, sweet and elegant and it made me get back to her and sign the deal!

It also was something that I promptly added to my own sales efforts and have gotten some great results from it.

Hope it helps you too!


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