A Good Reason NOT To Negotiate

by Paul Castain on October 11, 2012

You know something is going to be radical when the dude writing about it has a need to preface the heck out of it, but here goes anyway . . .

Before I do some serious “splainin” here, you need to understand that ideas and concepts I share on this blog are presented as potential “plays” for your playbook. Not all of them will fit your style, nor will all of them be appropriate in every single situation.

Having said that . . .

I don’t negotiate!

My reason is really simple . . .

I can’t afford to have even one Castain Training Systems client feel like someone else is getting better pricing or (said another way)

They ALL need to know that they are getting my absolute best price!

If they want a better price, they ALL have the same opportunity to dramatically reduce my prices . . .

Buy more training services and qualify for my volume discounts!

Do I lose business because of this stubbornness?

Truth be told, not much!

I know for a fact that my existing clients love that I’m fair across the board and that pricing isn’t determined by their ability to negotiate.

Everyone is given the same fair deal and everyone is given the same opportunity to qualify for a better price.

There’s another reason why I don’t lose much and its because of all this crazy branding that I do. More on that in another post.

What about the ones you lose because of your unwillingness to negotiate?

They’re not the clients that I’m looking to do business with.

There are, however, several things that I do for my clients to balance my stubbornness . . .

I offer them discount codes on my upcoming webinars.

I surprise them with free extras.

I never nickle and dime them with hidden costs.

I move heaven and earth for them whenever they need me!

And . . . (and this is a huge AND) They never have to worry about me offering all these cool free things to people who aren’t even clients. My clients get my best “Free”.

In short, with God only knows how many sales trainers in the US alone . . .

I’ve chosen NOT to participate in any commoditization of my craft.

There’s more to this that I will be sharing with you in about a week or so but for now, please understand, this might not work for you and it certainly might not fit in with your company culture.

It’s simply one play in what I hope is an ever expanding playbook!

Please share your thoughts!

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