A Huge Reason Why You Aren’t Getting The Results You Want

by Paul Castain on December 10, 2013

You’re not going to like me very much after this post and that’s OK. My intent was never to become your BFF so what the hell.


You have too many instances where you put your head down, remain silent and do nothing!

You read a blog post from me or my peers, you dig the idea and you look at it more as your daily motivation than an opportunity to actually try the stuff we write about.

You join a social network like LinkedIn and you do nothing. Maybe you join a group like mine and you just stay on the sidelines.

During your team sales meetings, you do nothing, you say nothing. You don’t participate.

You come across an idea you want to implement and you don’t take it seriously enough to schedule it and guess what:? That leads to doing (wait for it) Nothing!

You look at the year you just had, make motivational statements like “2014 will be my year” etc and meanwhile you have no plan in place so by default . . . you will do nothing!

You come across a sales tip and you tell yourself “That’s Sales 101 . . . everyone knows that!” and yet you aren’t doing it. Guess what? Sounds like you might be doing nothing there too!

Before you write me off as an AHole . . .

I know you aren’t sitting around doing absolutely nothing.

I’m just suggesting that your “Nothings” might be outnumbering your “Somethings”





Those words sound so much better than . . .

Nothing and come with the gift of knowing you tried!

I’d like to hear from you on this unless . . .

You want to pretend I wasn’t talking to you today :)

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