A Need To Be Heard!

by Paul Castain on April 19, 2012

For those of you Spinal Tap fans out there, you know about the famous amp that can go to “11” . . . I thought this might be a really cool way for you to remember to really and truly HEAR people because . . .

At the core of every human being is a need to be heard in fact, you’ve probably heard me say that . . .

Everyone has a story and wants to be heard!

The sad reality is that many of us aren’t truly listened to and therefore we aren’t truly heard.

You can be the person who listens!

And when you listen, listen without a need to respond as my friend Deepak Chopra says. Actually Deepak isn’t my friend but if he was I think he’d listen without a need to respond. If he did respond, I’d call him out for responding because that would be bullsh*t even still . . .

Don’t allow yourself to “one up” . . . just listen unconditionally but . . .

If it were only that simple!

Sometimes we allow technology to bring us to the land of “multitasking” when we should be giving the other person the gift of our full attention.

Other times we never hear someone’s precious story simply because we never asked!

Are you asking?

Time Out! Think about the people you pass by at work without taking a moment to hear their story! Think about the people in your next meeting who are silent but might have a story. Think about your clients, the receptionist, that neighbor who you’ve only been on “waving terms with”.

Funny thing about each of our stories . . . when they are listened to, it gives us a sense, that if even for a brief moment in time . . . we matter!

And before you go. . .

please know how grateful I am that you’ve stopped by today  . . .

To hear me!


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