A Note To Sales Leaders

by Paul Castain on November 8, 2012

Forgive me for being blunt but here goes . . .

When was the last time you took the time to get better at your craft?

And just out of curiosity, why wouldn’t you take the time (if you aren’t already) to get better?

If you’re like most people, you might feel you don’t need to and that’s a huge mistake.

We all need to get better!

I’m in sales almost 30 years, I’ve trained over 5,000 sales professionals, read over 750 books on a variety of sales and sales related topics and I still have multiple coaches, attend courses etc.

You might feel that you don’t have the time and that’s a bullsh*t excuse because there’s never a good time!

Seriously, do you really think that business will ever slow down to the point where you’re going say “At last, now I have the time to get better”?

Here’s a little secret . . .

You spend the time whether you invest it in getting better or spend it struggling.

Struggling to get the right sales reps on the team

Struggling to get them onboarded properly

Struggling to have more meaningful and productive team meetings

Struggling to create a high performance culture

Struggling to coach players with varying degrees of experience

That’s why I created a Sales Management training program just for you!

On November 28th, we’re kicking off a 6 part training series that takes place right on your computer screen.

It will help you . . .

Hire better sales reps

Get them trained, locked and loaded quickly and efficiently

Coach them in a variety of settings from joint sales calls to one on ones to those situations where a rep needs to be placed on a performance improvement plan (PIP)

Facilitate sales meetings that rock. By the way, most sales meetings absolutely, positively suck! I’ll show you how to change that!

Create a high performance culture

Now just in case, time is an issue for you, I’m going to record each session so you can also view it like an on demand movie. This way if you can’t make a session, you can view it at your leisure!

It’s ideal for . . .

Sales Managers

Vice Presidents of Sales

Business Owners who manage 1 or more sales reps or who plan on creating a sales team in the near future.

For more details, please click here.

One more thing . . .

2013 is right around the corner. Why not take a few steps, right now to start the year strong?

PS Sales reps, perhaps you could take a few steps to start strong as well. Click here if you’re looking to take your rock stardom up a notch or three!

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