• Jim

    I didn’t read the whole post – did you get a stripper? smiley winking face

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  • Not this time Jim . . . I think you need at least 20 visits inside of a six month window for that one 🙂

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  • Paul – great point.  This also works for employees.  My wife baked a cake and gave it to two girls that work for us the other day – you would have thought we took them to Mortons Steakhouse for dinner! 

    Great post!

  • Paulawisewoman

    What a fabulous idea.  I am in the business that this would really be fun for our clients..>THANK YOU!!!

  • Mandee Fish

    My company does a good job of this over the long term, but maybe not so much in the shorter term.  We always bring in goodies for Account Reviews, or meetings we are very appreciative of them giving the time to participate in, and then we do an annual customer appreciation event each year where we invite them to our local minor league baseball team for food, fun, and catching up on life outside of our business.

    So my question is… what happens when it is no longer random and becomes expected?  We are struggling with this now that the annual customer appreciation event has become an expected event and is no longer special for people.  It has become stale.
    So what’s the next option?  

  • Great post!! So simple, but yet so powerful.  Well done.

  • Len Lawrence

    I sneak up on clients with Cup Cakes or Doughnuts when they least expect it and ask them if they can help me eat them because I can’t possibly eat it all by myself.  Amazingly I have never been turned down, but I have been accused of sweet talking them into eating the treats.

  • Can I be your customer Len 🙂

    Now that’s a really cool way to show some appreciation!

    Well done!

  • Thank you so much Jillian . . . I really appreciate the kind words!

  • This is such an awesome point that we simply can’t forget Dennis.

    You also raise an excellent point that it need not be some million dollar “thank you”.

    Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment Dennis!

    I really appreciate it!

  • And thank YOU Paula!

    Wishing you continued success!

  • Appreciation is a wonderful business to be in Julie!


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  • Hey that’s awesome, Paul – how fun is that? What a great thing for them to do – someone in their customer relations office definitely knows what they’re doing…

    In addition to having an immediate payoff for the hotel (in that chances are you’ll stay there again as a result of their random act of WOW!), it also gave a nice boost to their brand by you sharing your experience socially… with the millions of loyal Sales Playbook readers you just told! 🙂

    Kudos to them for the insight to do it – and to you for your new status!

    Oh – and for the record – I’m TOTALLY with you on the internet thing – either give it to me free or don’t point out you’re charging me… 

    Have a great day my friend!

    Virtually Yours,Anne-Marie

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