A Really Effective Tactic You Can Easily Use In Response To Phone Objections

by Paul Castain on October 12, 2017

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Many times while prospecting we find ourselves in a really bad “stimulus/response” situation meaning;

We call or email and they . . .



Hit Us With An Objection

Its basically a pattern that many potential clients go into out of habit;

Kind of like when you go to a store and the sales rep asks if you need help and you tell them you’re just looking.

That’s why you want to use something to interrupt the pattern so you can get to an actual dialogue.

There are many different forms of pattern interrupts you can use either preemptively, in response to an objection, or even when you find yourself getting completely disregarded.

Let’s take everyone’s favorite phone objection;

“Not Interested”

The person saying that to you is embracing their pattern and they are used to a sales rep either attempting to debate them or tapping out.

If you were to use the startling statement pattern interrupt, you would say something like this “I understand completely in fact, if you were interested you’d be the one calling me right now, right?”

Since that response really isn’t in their playbook, you break their pattern and their guard goes down;

Long enough for you to ask a question, and regain control of that phone call

There’s quite a bit more to this, and several more examples that I will be sharing next week, during our 20 Psychological Tactics That Drive Sales webinar.

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