A Simple Test Before You Go To Work Tomorrow

by Paul Castain on February 12, 2014

Hate to bother you after hours! Actually that’s a lie, I am intentionally emailing after hours because this needs to be addressed BEFORE you repeat a vicious cycle again tomorrow!

Right, now I’d like for you to look at your calendar for tomorrow and for the next few business days while we’re at it.

Take a good look at the things you have scheduled.

Take this simple test . . .

Can you honestly say that the things on your calendar will either help move you closer to getting a new account, wowing an existing account or growing the business with an existing account? Or is there mucho administrative type things?

Do you even have your “Money Activities” scheduled? If you don’t please say “AMEN” because you’re dealing with more of a prayer than a plan.

When you tally up the amount of activities you actually do have scheduled? Do you have enough of them to move you closer to the goals you set at the beginning of the year?

Time has a crazy habit of ticking on and actually defying reality by going faster than we give it credit for.

The good news is that when you’re ready, you can take control!

But are you ready?

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  • Ian

    Paul- this is an awesome message! I looked and I failed- to much admin. Time for some changes. Thanks!

  • Thanks Ian!

    Gold star for fessing up my friend!

  • Carmen

    Golden advice! Scheduling money-making, face to face, follow-up, and prospecting time is a discipline we’ll always be grateful we did. Always works!
    Thanks Paul

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