A Tale Of A Printer Who Lost His Second Largest Account

by Paul Castain on January 6, 2013

Like any true fairy tale (isn’t that like an oxymoron), this story begins a long, long time ago, back in a far away time called “1991”.

There was this young printing salesman who made a mistake that he didn’t realize for many years.

He needed a source for a product his client requested and ended up buying it from someone who was actually buying it from someone else and marking it up.

This obviously resulted in the print salesman’s client paying a heck of a lot more than they should of but nobody knew any better and no one was complaining.

One day, the young printing salesman realized this, found a new source and decided to never pass the savings along to the client.

The profit was insane and they bought lots and lots of the product.

Life was good and the young print salesman made mucho dinero.

This went on for over a year until the young print salesman received a call from the owner of the company demanding an explanation why they were paying 200% more.

The conversation didn’t go well and the young man lost his second largest account.

Unlike other fairy tales, this one doesn’t end with someone living happily ever after.

One more thing . . . this is totally true and a much younger, dumber Uncle Paul was the young print salesman.

While the moral of the story is to obviously take a chill on the greed thing, I’d like for you to weigh in with what you would have done differently.

What would you have done?

Let’s say, you had a situation like this where you were able to do something with the process, distribution etc to free up a substantial amount of money. . .

Would you pass that along to your client?

How would you explain the sudden drop in price in a way that didn’t make it seem like you were ripping them off all along?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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