A Totally Unacceptable Reason Why You’re Missing Opportunities

by Paul Castain on February 17, 2017


Right now, someone is taking your opportunities!

They’re taking your opportunities and when you hear why, it’s going to upset you.

They aren’t taking your opportunities because they offer something better, in fact, in most cases they aren’t.

They aren’t taking your opportunities because they have more experience than you or because they represent a company that’s been around longer.

I bet you they aren’t taking your opportunities because they’re cheaper.

They’re not even taking your opportunities because they spend millions of dollars in advertising.

Your competitor kicks your ass, because your prospects are more familiar with them, than they are with you!

They’re familiar with them because . . .

Your competitor consistently and relentlessly shows up!

They show up by calling regularly instead of whenever they have time.

They show up with regular emails and resources.

They show up with handwritten cards, notes and numerous forms of snail mail.

They show up on the social networks.

They show up at networking events.

Some of them show up with creative things that make them more memorable.

I see it all the time . . .

People who are basically “wanna be” “no talent” types . . .

who win business anyway . . .

Almost by default because YOU never showed up!

To me that’s unacceptable!

Tell me my price is too high!

Tell me you think that my coaching services aren’t a fit for you.

Tell me that you don’t like bald fat dudes who have heavy New York accents but . . .

I’m not going to lose because my prospects don’t know who I am.

Said another way . . .

I’m not going to lose because I was too busy making excuses NOT to show up.

Don’t you ever, ever, EVER allow someone to take your opportunities because you were a “No Show”

For the last week now, I’ve been offering yet another way for you to “show up” (you do know that you need to show up in multiple ways, right?)

I’ve been talking about how to use LinkedIn and quite frankly;

Most people really SUCK at it!

And yet . . .

Because others are willing to show up and form connections;

They create opportunities they never would have had if they didn’t put forth the effort.

On February 23rd, at 11:30 am EST, I’m going to share the plan I use to create opportunities on LinkedIn.

I’m not going to bore you with typical sh*t like the mechanics of LinkedIn or how you should write your profile;

I’m going to get into actual tactics and share 10 templates I created to help you;

Work a proven communication plan from the moment you say “hello” to the moment you transition that “connection” off of your computer screen.

Here’s what you’ll discover by joining us . . .

  • What to say and do, from the moment, you connect with someone. And I’m going to give you the exact templates that I’ve been using!
  • How to position yourself as an expert and THE Absolute BEST choice.
  • How to provide value WITHOUT conditioning a bunch of freeloaders who love to “friendzone” you! Another lesson that I learned the hard way!
  • How to create a referral machine . . .Even with people who’ve never bought from you!
  • How to IMMEDIATELY increase your phone appointments each week. Note: My coaching clients average 10 more appointments each week. Your mileage may vary.
  • How to use LinkedIn groups, LinkedIn Publisher etc to create MORE opportunities.
  • How to send inmails without paying for a premium membership.
  • How to dramatically increase your response rates via LinkedIn.
  • How to approach someone without coming across as salesy. How do you feel when this happens to you on LinkedIn?
  • How to do this all on a tight schedule (I mean, I’m sure you don’t have all day to play around on LinkedIn, right?

At The End Of The Webinar, You’ll Have The Framework For A Powerful Lead Generation System!

The investment is only $99 and here’s what you’ll get;

(1) 90 minute webinar


The Recording (Sent out later that day)

2 Bonus eBooks with additional ideas

10 Templates

Email Access To Me to answer any webinar related questions

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