An Alternative To Ditching The Non Responder

by Paul Castain on February 25, 2014

At some point, after repeated attempts to either an actual prospect or a suspect, many sales reps struggle with the age old question of “should I move on and just call it a day?”

And if we’re being completely honest, some of us don’t even ask that question because our ego says “Screw them if they don’t see the value. Next!”

On one hand, perhaps your efforts would be best spent with higher probability targets but on the other hand, I think we give up way too soon because we really just never know.

Please allow me to present a really simple compromise . . .

Uncle Paul’s “Cool Down, Heat Up” Technique

All you have to do to rock this technique is give your efforts with that contact a break, for a set amount of time. This way things can cool down a bit (that can also read as “so you can become less of a pain in the ass from your over persistence)

Then, after a break from blowing up their phone, you come back and heat that bad boy back up again.

Doing so breaks the vicious cycle of you calling and your contact blowing you off.

My suggestion, would be that you heat things up gradually instead of going from zero to 2,000 degrees by the second “touch”

My other suggestion would be to stop using the phone and email exclusively on this second go around.

Mix it up while you heat it up baby!

And that’s it folks . . .

Simple, elegant and a nice way for you to keep the faith with your “non responders” without diverting too much attention from your higher probability targets.

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  • Mike Brueske

    Often the whole “why are they ignoring me?” scenario begins inside our own head. Those of us with well-developed (over-active) imaginations can eventually conceive an entire mini-drama about what’s happening on the other end of the phone/email,,,most likely TOTALLY WRONG. All we are doing is p!$$ing ourselves off- not good for our sales mentality! Funny ‘cuz I’ve been there so often. Thanks, Paul

  • MikeyD22

    Some of my best revenue producing clients over the years initially started out as “non responders’. I’ve always felt that if I’ve done the proper research and qualification, that it pays off well to be courteously persistent. I’ve found that backing off my correspondence to maybe once a quarter works well and Paul’s advice of mixing up the method of approach is very sound advice. Many times it’s just a timing issue. A lot of variables can arise that can make a non responder blossom into a long-term partner!

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