Are Customers Who Leave Worth More Than Customers Who Are Loyal?

by Paul Castain on November 14, 2012

I received an offer from a well known monthly coffee service today “Come back and get 10% off for life”

Yesterday, I received an offer from an online shoe retailer with a cool $20.00 off coupon because “they want me back”

Don’t even get me started on our local cable company! We wanted to cut expenses (when I launched my business) and wanted their help in getting the bill down each month. We didn’t ask for a better deal, just their help in how we could reduce the bill. They basically told us “good luck with that” so we left. 2 months later one of their reps knocked on our door not only offering us a better deal (for the same service we had for 4 years) but offered to pay the early termination fees we would now face with our new cable company.

This doesn’t just play out in b2c its all around us in b2b . . .

Especially now as we’re all trying to end the year strong!

Meanwhile . . .

That customer who has been loyal to us all along gets a whole lotta NOTHING!

Seems a tad unfair, NO?

I’m all about fixing a situation that needs to be fixed, but why not reserve those measures for existing clients?

In other words . . .

If you screw up . . . fix it while they’re still a client.

Call me crazy, but I’m wondering if those funds would be better spent wowing the sh*t out of existing customers!

Perhaps with some random acts of coolness or something?

I have a feeling there might be a variety of opinions on this so . . .

What are your thoughts?

Should we do everything we can for those former clients we want to win back . . . even if we end up doing more for them than those who remained loyal?

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