Are Customers Who Leave Worth More Than Customers Who Are Loyal?

by Paul Castain on November 14, 2012

I received an offer from a well known monthly coffee service today “Come back and get 10% off for life”

Yesterday, I received an offer from an online shoe retailer with a cool $20.00 off coupon because “they want me back”

Don’t even get me started on our local cable company! We wanted to cut expenses (when I launched my business) and wanted their help in getting the bill down each month. We didn’t ask for a better deal, just their help in how we could reduce the bill. They basically told us “good luck with that” so we left. 2 months later one of their reps knocked on our door not only offering us a better deal (for the same service we had for 4 years) but offered to pay the early termination fees we would now face with our new cable company.

This doesn’t just play out in b2c its all around us in b2b . . .

Especially now as we’re all trying to end the year strong!

Meanwhile . . .

That customer who has been loyal to us all along gets a whole lotta NOTHING!

Seems a tad unfair, NO?

I’m all about fixing a situation that needs to be fixed, but why not reserve those measures for existing clients?

In other words . . .

If you screw up . . . fix it while they’re still a client.

Call me crazy, but I’m wondering if those funds would be better spent wowing the sh*t out of existing customers!

Perhaps with some random acts of coolness or something?

I have a feeling there might be a variety of opinions on this so . . .

What are your thoughts?

Should we do everything we can for those former clients we want to win back . . . even if we end up doing more for them than those who remained loyal?

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  • One says “Care about old customers before they become former customers”

  • Love it Charly Thanks!

  • Leslie A

    I canceled my paper after numerous price increases and the delivery service has gone from great to terrible in 6 years. They just said “okay” and it was canceled. Yet, I called to cancel another service after a 3rd price hike and they offered me a 50% reduction in my CURRENT price guaranteed for 24 months! Of course I stayed and if they start slowly hiking my price again, I’ll still stay until it hits that “cap” that I think is too much. Back to the paper, they have been losing customers and they’ve been hiring sales people to set up kiosks in stores to get subscribers. Those sales people are paid a commission. Do you know how easy it is to say “no” to them? “I’m already a subscriber” they don’t know if you are or aren’t. No wonder the paper is always advertising for these positions. I know I’ll get a call from them. I would consider going back at a lower price, but with the service? IDK- the adult carrier delivers papers the NEXT day if the snow is too deep (this is Nebraska- Hello? We get a lot of snow sometimes!) Most recently my Sunday paper, which is huge, was just one section. Now how does a paper carrier place one section in the bag without realizing just by touch that there’s something wrong with it?? I got the rest of my paper, minus the one section, on Monday. All I can do about it is e-mail the home office in another state. I cannot even reach them by phone. I don’t think I need the paper that bad and if I do, I’ll pick one up at the convenience store!

  • I love this! I would rather companies treat me well at all phases in the relationship–not after they miss my patronage. A good reminder not to take anyone for granted. Thanks Paul!

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