Are You Dis’n Your Personal Brand?

by Paul Castain on January 3, 2011

So when it comes to your personal brand, what’s your main thing?

In other words:

What do you want to be known for?

Be Synonymous with?

Stand for?

Excel at?

Your difference?

Now I’d like to continue peppering you with branding questions but there’s a really important question. It’s a question that might reveal a “silent killer” of sorts.

Are you Dis’n your main thing?

Just to be clear and to enable us all to attack this from the same perspective . . .

A “dis’n of the main thing” occurs when you do things that take you away from keeping the main thing, the main thing!

For example . . .

Your main thing is “dis’d” when you don’t show up enough to position yourself. You know, you only jump on Linkedin or Facebook when you feel like it. You blog or write articles on no particular schedule, you show up at networking events sporadically and you have no plan to continually demonstrate brand “YOU”

By the way, advertisers know that repetition is the key to the subconscious. You need to start leveraging that my friend.

Your main thing is “dis’d” on Twitter when you go over the top with the live tweeting of sports events  and the whole foursquare “I just dethrowned so and so as the king of pain in the ass at my local thing a ma jig” Don’t get me wrong folks, I still stand by my philosophy that everyone has a story and wants to be heard, but go over the top with this stuff and you “dis” the main thing! And let’s be honest, who the hell has a main thing of tweeting every football play the moment they are seen on the old flat screen?

Getting political, religious or just dicky will dis that main thing every time!

Also, when you take the 6 judgments of brand (how you look, how you act, what you say, how you say it, where you say it and with whom you say it) and you are incongruent, you “dis” that main thing big time! In other words, brand “YOU” needs to never contradict across those 6 judgments!

And perhaps the biggest “dis” to the main thing, is when you can’t clearly articulate your main thing at all and you think all this stuff just happens.

Remember, if you’re confused as to your “main thing”, your audience probably is to.

Want to dominate in your space this year?

Define your main thing!

Execute on your main thing

And . . .

Continually obsess, improve and adjust that main thing.

Just make sure you don’t dis it somewhere in the process!

Happy Branding :)

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Paul Castain  works with organizations and individuals to achieve higher levels of performance. He is so good that he was granted permission to talk about himself in the 3rd person. For more information on how Paul can help you and your company click here dude.

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