Are You Willing To Have The Tough Conversations?

by Paul Castain on November 23, 2012

Sometimes things need to be said!

They aren’t pleasant.

They won’t help you win a popularity contest and . . .

You could fall prey to the old “shoot the messenger” thing but . . .

They still need to be said.

Even so, we hold back because we don’t want to offend, irritate or rock the proverbial boat!

Having said that . . .

Are you holding back?

Is there a customer who is hurting their efforts by doing something a certain way?

By the way, that old adage that the customer is always right is bullsh*t. Customers can and will be wrong (as you and I and the rest of mankind might be too) and they need to be told.

Your boss can be wrong too (Note: I find that they’re usually 100% right prior to any holiday bonuses and then once the check is cashed . . . less right ) :)

Teammates can wrong and guess what?

You can be wrong too! (perhaps the toughest realization yet)

This isn’t an invite to go out and burn every bridge. No need to be a jerk about it and that “calling it like I see it” thing can often be an excuse for poor people skills!

Its an invite to do what’s necessary and to pick your discussions (not battles) wisely!

This world has way too many “Yes Men/Women” and it costs business dearly.

Perhaps its costing you dearly too?

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