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Cure For The Summertime Blues?

Posted July 19, 2018

Unfortunately TODAY is the last day to enroll in our Virtual Summer Sales Camp program. There are over 100 tips, tactics, and there’s even 20 prospecting templates too! Oh, and we’ve been getting a lot of great feedback on the bonus session (25 Ways To ROCK Your Sales This Summer). The best part, is that … continue reading »

July 19th Deadline

Posted July 18, 2018

For those of you who like to wait until the last minute; The “last minute” is officially here! We’re about to close registration for our 2018 Virtual Sales Camp program so if you want to download it; Better do it NOW! It’s 100 tips and tactics, 15 sales email templates, 1 cold call template, 4 … continue reading »

Why You Absolutely MUST Fire Some Prospects

Posted July 17, 2018

Sometimes our inner competitor gets the best of us! We’re so busy trying to meet a prospect’s requirements that; We miss the fact that they’ve fallen short on ours! That’s why you have to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt; What’s Out Of Bounds? Sometimes the scope of work ISN’T going to be a … continue reading »

How I Expedite My Opportunities (And How You Can Too!)

Posted July 16, 2018

I start by approaching potential clients who have a higher degree of urgency to make a change NOW. When someone agrees to meet with me, I typically gain access to ALL the stakeholders by asking in a way that doesn’t seem like I just “diss’d” my contact. I send along a very specific FedEx BEFORE … continue reading »

How To Get Ballsier With Your Prospects and Clients WITHOUT Offending Them

Posted July 15, 2018

Sometimes we’re so consumed with being liked in sales that we; Avoid the tough questions and difficult conversations. Holding our prospects and clients accountable. Doing the things that would help us take better control of the deal and the relationship WITHOUT being controlling or manipulative. In this week’s episode of The Sales Playbook Podcast we’re … continue reading »

Reducing Doubt, Skepticism, and Objections During Your Sales Cycle

Posted July 15, 2018

I know this will shock you but; There are decision makers out there who won’t fully trust you! That’s why you need to provide “evidence” to help reduce doubt, skepticism, and dare I say; Objections! A few forms of “evidence” to consider; Facts Statistics Case Studies Testimonials Let’s talk about that one. I’m a firm … continue reading »

Improving Your Prospecting and Closing Chops!

Posted July 14, 2018

Most of the challenges we face in sales will typically fall into two categories; Getting In Front Of Opportunities Bringing Those Opportunities Across The Finish Line Here’s something that will help! I decided to combine two of my programs (Prospect Like A Pro and Closers Academy) and offer them in this year’s Summer Sales Camp … continue reading »

5 Mistakes You MUST Avoid While Competing For An Account

Posted July 13, 2018

Next time you find yourself in a situation where you’re one of several people competing for an account; Beware of these 5 mistakes; Assuming That You Have To Sharpen Your Pencil (even when you are told you need to). This puts the focus on price, and focusing on price leads to “sales malpractice”. How? Well for … continue reading »

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