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Why Most Sales Reps Only Use Phone and Email To Prospect

Posted January 7, 2019

Why do most sales reps only use phone and email when they prospect? Some would say it’s because those platforms work but I’m here to tell you that you can easily say that about other things like LinkedIn, traditional networking, snail mail, referrals and warm intros, drop ins, etc. Most sales reps will only use … continue reading »

What’s THE Best Channel To Use For Prospecting?

Posted January 6, 2019

What’s THE best channel to use for prospecting? Is it the phone? Is it email? LinkedIn? In this week’s episode of The Sales Playbook Podcast we dive headfirst into that argument! Right click HERE to download this episode. A BETTER Way To Prospect, Take Control, and Close MORE We are just days away from the … continue reading »

Sales Reps, Are You Making This Snail Mail Mistake?

Posted January 5, 2019

Most sales reps think of snail mail for one thing, and one thing only; “Thank you” cards/notes! While I can’t disagree with the importance of sending a “Thank you” card, we’re neglecting several other ways we can (and should) be using snail mail to complement our other sales efforts. I designed 13 questions to really … continue reading »

Can Music Activate Peak Performance States For Sales Reps?

Posted January 4, 2019

There was this EPIC scene in Apocalypse Now where the First Air Cavalry went into battle. One of the gun ships blasted “Ride Of The Valkyries” by Wagner. The purpose of blasting that song was purely psychological; To pump up the troops going into battle and; To mind f*ck the hell out of their enemy! … continue reading »

3 Resources To Help You Sell More In 2019

Posted January 3, 2019

Thought I’d pass along 3 resources to help you gain a little momentum, right out of the gate! Unfortunately they’re all useless unless you choose to take action! If you’d like to learn a system to help you get in front of MORE opportunities and get more of those opportunities across the finish line, please … continue reading »

Why Creativity Is A Must If You’re In Sales

Posted January 3, 2019

We’re now living in a world, where the noise has increased, and attention spans have, (oh look, a squirrel), diminished. With that in mind, how can YOU, stand out and capture the attention; Of a buyer who simply has way too many people, things, and circumstances competing for their attention? One way, is to use … continue reading »

150+ Sales Tactics For A BETTER 2019!

Posted January 1, 2019

By the third week in January, most people have abandoned their goals for the new year. Some “experts” will tell you its because they didn’t have what it takes to be successful but I disagree. I think its because the vast majority of the people who set goals lack a solid plan to help them … continue reading »

Same Auld Lang Syne?

Posted January 1, 2019

Before we usher in a new year with feelings of “out with the old, in with the new,” I have some statistics for you … and they aren’t pretty! Might want to grab some of that leftover vodka before reading further! According to the Social Security Administration; Out of 100 people starting their careers today, … continue reading »

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