“I was seeking my next phase of professional development when I saw a post for Paul’s 6-part Sales Management course.  As a new manager, I felt this would help develop a good foundation for continued advancement.  The flexibility to attend the class either live or at my convenience offered just what I needed with an unpredictable schedule.  The class offered 6 key areas of focus but I especially enjoyed gaining insight to onboard new reps more effectively and efficiently.  I have taken notes from the course and shared with others within my own management team.  With the help of Paul’s informative yet fun class, we are in the process of writing a new training manual at my company.” Kristi Duvall, The Boxmaker

You need to get the right players on the team, get them ramped up with a good onboarding program, support them so they can do their best work and then maintain a high performance culture.

Oh, and just to make it interesting . . . you need to navigate through different personalities, company policies (and dare I say, politics) and varying degrees of sales experience.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you had all the time in the world to get all these factors figured out?

Unfortunately . . . You Don’t!

Your competitors aren’t staying still, the landscape is ever changing and I’m sure your boss isn’t saying “Take your time. Feel free to grow the business whenever you have a few minutes”

What’s an aspiring sales leadership rock star to do?

Sadly . . . most just continuing doing what they’ve always done and expect different results!

Not because they have “do nothing” on their things to do list . . . because they’re too busy reacting to really think about it!

I’d like to cordially invite you to take charge and consider my 6 week sales leadership course . . . right on your computer screen.

Yep, no traveling, airports or time away from your team and . . .

You can go at your own pace!

Here’s how it works . . .

Each Wednesday, starting May 14th, we’ll meet for 45 minutes to an hour via webinar (I know, technology rocks!)

Time Out: “What if I have other commitments, something comes up etc?”

I got you covered dude (dudette) I will be recording every session (slides and all) and always send them out within a few days of the session. Watch this like you would an on demand movie (minus some of the cursing and all of the nudity)

Here’s What We’ll Cover . . .

Session 1 Hiring Sales Rock Stars (Part I)

“Getting the right people on the bus” is one of the most important steps and yet, many people fail to do it effectively.

In this session you’ll learn . . .

The biggest interview mistakes and how to avoid them

The qualities of rock stars and how to spot them

Where to look for top talent

4 easy steps to an effective phone screen

Session 2 Hiring Sales Rock Stars (Part II)

The “rule of 3”

2 Types of questions you must ask

An arsenal of interview questions

2 killer questions that uncover something most interviewers miss

A multi step selection process (beyond the first interview)

Session 3 The Onboarding Process (sink or swim isn’t a strategy)

Setting the stage for success

The problem with “shadowing” other reps

A 30 day template for training

How to automate parts of the process to maximize your time

Session 4 Sales Meetings That ROCK!

2 meeting formats that will rock the house

The lost art of facilitation

How to get your team highly engaged

How to find an endless supply of meaningful topics

Educational components to make your team lethal

Session 5 Coaching For Higher Levels Of Performance

Understanding how your reps are wired (one size doesn’t fit all)

How you should divide your coaching time

2 coaching opportunities that will make a difference

What to do when your rep isn’t performing

When and how to part ways

Session 6 Creating A High Performance Culture

How to show appreciation without breaking the bank

How to use friendly competition to drive performance

How to guard the culture of your team and eliminate poison


Every Wednesday, beginning May 14th, at 11:30 am EST for 6 weeks.
Note: Recordings of all sessions are made available within a few days of completion of that session. Can’t make it? No worries. Watch it on YOUR time frame!

Here’s What You’ll Get . . .

(6) 45-60 minute webinars

Access to the recording for up to 60 days after the training

Downloadable worksheets

Reinforcement emails

Access to me via email during the entire program

“As someone who has participated in your Sales Management course, I would highly recommend it! Great stuff!Bruce Zimmerman, Perceptive Software

Investment . . .


Note: Please email me for discounts on 2 or more participants paul@yoursalesplaybook.com

My Risk Free Promise

If at any time you feel that I have not delivered what I have promised, then I want you to call me personally, directly, at this number (631) 455-2455 and I will personally make it right! If for some reason you are not satisfied, I will personally offer you an immediate refund. Please feel secure in the knowledge that you have zero risk in trusting me with your personal development!