On June 4, 2014 we’ll be launching an 8 session sales training program that takes place right on your computer screen!

Here’s how the program works . . .

Starting June 4, 2014 we’ll meet once a week for 45 – 60 minutes (via webinar)  for 8 weeks. We deliver each session “live” (as opposed to dead) and record each session in case you can’t make it or just want to listen to it again because you feel I’m a hoot and want to hang out with me again!

Here’s what we’ll cover . . .

Session 1: Meticulous Pre Call Planning. We’ll talk about 5 really bad “Google” mistakes most sales reps make and how you can use Pre Call Planning to warm up those “cold calls”!

Session 2: Prospecting Part I In this session, we’ll talk about  phone techniques, overcoming objections etc. We’ll even get into some really cool things you can do to help you with nervousness and call reluctance . . . You’re welcome!

Session 3: Prospecting Part II In this session, we’ll talk about how you can leverage things like email, social networks and creative things to help you stand out with your prospect’s!

Session 4: How To Create A More Productive Prospect Meeting. We’ll talk about how you can immediately take control of your meetings (without being controlling), an absolutely killer question you need to start asking and the 5 “insurance” policies you must take out during your time together! We’ll also talk about some really important stuff you need to do to keep your deal alive after that meeting ends!

Session 5: Determining Needs. You’ll learn 5 awesome questioning techniques with a guarantee from yours truly not to regurgitate any of that “open questions/closed questions” crap. Been there, done that and I bet you have too! Instead, I’ll show you how you can emotionally charge your prospects to get them off the old fence of “no decision” and over to something we like to call “A decision” I know . . . cool concept, this is why I make the big bucks!

Session 6: Presenting Your Solutions With IMPACT You’ll learn how to bring a certain part of your offering to life that 99.9% of the sales population misses entirely. We’ll talk about how you can eliminate  hesitations your prospect might have and maybe even set the rules of engagement  so your competitors have to play a defensive game!

Session 7: Gaining Commitment That old “Always Be Closing” thing is a tad antiquated these days so we’ll explore techniques designed to have them “buying” without you having to use any of that really awful “If I could show you a way to ___________ would you seriously consider . . . “ monkey style kung fu!

Session 8: Turning A “No” Into A “Yes” Let’s face it, as good as we all like to think we are, people are going to tell us “no”. Now what? I’ll give you a little hint (don’t tell anyone) You need a plan from the word “No” and Uncle Paul has you covered!

Between sessions there will be assignments and reinforcement emails!

Here’s what you’ll get . . .

(8) 45-60 minute sessions via webinar.

Access to the recordings for 60 days.

A downloadable worksheet for each session.

A reinforcement email each week during the program.

Email support for any course related questions!

Plus there might just be a surprise or two along the way because that’s I how I roll! Guilty as charged baby!

Who should attend?

Anyone in the B2B space who would like to gain some ridiculous sales chops! Veterans, beginners, people who are struggling and people who simply want to get better!

What’s the payoff?

While I’ll certainly do my part, the payoff is going to be up to YOU and your willingness to apply the material and put in the work but…

What’s the payoff to you if you get only one new client as a result of something you learned during our time together?

So What’s The Investment Paul?


Email me for discounted pricing for 2 or more or if you’re interested in me customizing and bringing this program to your business! paul@yoursalesplaybook.com

I’m checking out Paul Castain’s online sales course and so should you!

My Risk Free Promise

If at any time you feel that I have not delivered what I have promised, then I want you to call me personally, directly, at this number (631) 455-2455 and I will personally make it right! If for some reason you are not satisfied, I will personally offer you an immediate refund. Please feel secure in the knowledge that you have zero risk in trusting me with your personal development!

Paul’s training techniques  are from extensive research as well as his own first hand experiences in the sales field.  He is committed to his “product”, his customers as well as making a difference in people’s lives.

We took his Training Session as a group here at Keys and each of us sales reps had “aha” moments in improving techniques, questions, being a “RESOURCE”  for our clients, etc.

Paul is a pure and compassionate individual and would enhance ANY company’s sales force!  He truly makes a difference in lives and companies!  And THAT affects the bottom line of any company.

Anita Barrett, Keys Printing

“Insightful with no-nonsense, real world tips!

Paul Castain’s Sales School is an excellent resource for new and seasoned sales people.  You can expect a wide range of tips that are relevant TODAY, presented in a friendly and humorous atmosphere.  I especially like Paul’s delivery style and his tips on using social media alone make the course worth every penny.  Each session leads you through a comprehensive strategy to guide you from prospecting to closing the deal.  Paul lays out how to succeed and which mistakes to avoid, then he backs that up with great follow up activities to keep you on track and a wealth of additional links and materials.  Paul doesn’t hide the fact that he has made his own mistakes along the way and freely shares his experiences.  I personally feel more confident and have increased the effectiveness of my daily activities.  I have also changed my mindset from “I know that” to “I’m DOING that”.  I highly recommend this course to anyone in sales or anyone considering sales.”

Roger Demas, The Personal Insurance