Client Imposed Or Self Imposed?

by Paul Castain on December 15, 2013

I get it . . . You’re busy, busy, busy!

You feel you have to be available 24/7 to your clients and prospects.

You need to answer every email immediately even if it’s after hours or weekends.

You need to take every call, even if its after hours or weekends, regardless of what you might have been doing and who you might have been hanging out with!

I allow myself one silly question a day so here goes . . .

Says who?

Who says you have to be available after hours and weekends?

Did you client or prospect tell you that or . . .

Did you assume that to be true and put it on yourself?

Sometimes we put an unnecessary burden on ourselves and meanwhile . . .

That client or prospect didn’t require it or . . .

We’re under the false assumption that it represents great customer service when in the client or prospect’s eye, they didn’t require that type of response.

Oh, and in those situations where your client or prospect requires that, do you agree? Should it be required? Is it truly necessary?

And don’t give me any of that “The customer is always right” BS because I have news for you, they aren’t always right, but I digress!

In those situations where they require it and you find yourself respectfully disagreeing, have you had a grown up conversation with them outlining options, alternatives (like how to avoid emergency situations in the first place) and barriers or . . .

Did you simply accept their need to pull you away from a little thing experts call “Having a life”?

I want to be clear in what I’m saying today . . .

1) Have you assumed that you must be available 24/7 or did your client/prospect tell you that?

2) If they told you that, did you simply accept it or did you talk with them about options and alternatives?

3) In the case of a true emergency, I would never suggest turning your back on a client in fact;

Maybe we need to ask ourselves . . .

“Is this a 911 or a 411?”

If it’s a “911” (emergency) then we really need to move heaven and earth at any hour to help them.

If it’s a “411” and they just need some info, perhaps it doesn’t have to be addressed at 9:00 pm when you’re hugging your loved ones?

Now, if you’re truly in a business where you absolutely MUST be available 24/7, I would probably still challenge you by asking you “Says who?” and “Why?” but I do get it!

For everyone else . . .

Perhaps its time for us all to find our balls and (respectfully) set some barriers!

2014 absolutely CAN be different . . .

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But do something because if you’re like most people, you’re about to start the new year with great intentions but no plan and no person to kick you in the ass to help you work the plan!

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