Defaulting To Our First Time

by Paul Castain on July 22, 2012

A few months back, I found this store. I know, weak opening, but stay with me :)

It took me 3 months to realize that I was an idiot and was taking the “scenic route” to get there.

I had been taking a really stupid route to get there, that basically made no sense when I slowed down enough to think about .

Please allow me to say that again . . .

When I slowed down enough to think about it but . . .

When I slowed down to think about it, I also had to have one of my famous “leave your ego in the car” moments and ask myself . . .

“Castain, what the heck were you thinking dude?”

Then I realized that I simply made a habit of getting there via the same route, I took . . .

The First Time!

The first time it made sense. I was coming from another store and that was the most sensible route. At least that’s what the chick on my GPS told me and she’s never wrong.

Learning is a funny thing in that many times, we default to the first time which is probably why we have so many grownups saying “Bye Bye” but I digress!

There are many potential problems with defaulting to the first time

1)   We may have learned it wrong

2)   It might now be completely and totally antiquated but . . .

We might never know because all of these things become masked by something we call “Habits”!

Today, you are cordially invited to simply ask yourself . . .

“Is there a better way or am I still defaulting to my first time?”

Your Turn . . .

Have you ever looked at what you’re doing and how you’re doing it and caught yourself knee deep in either doing it all wrong or embracing a practice that no longer was effective? Come on, fess up!


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