Did You Make Your “Gekko” Phone Call?

by Paul Castain on May 8, 2013

There was an interesting scene at the beginning of the sales classic Wall Street.

Marv turns to Bud Fox and says . . .

“Bud, you forgetting something?

“The Gekko phone call?”

“Buddy when are you going to realize . . .

big game hunters bag the elephants!”

As a quick refresher, Gordon Gekko was a huge prospect for Bud Fox. The Gekko account is the kind of account all of us wish we could land (minus all the shady business he was involved in) . . . He was the “elephant”!

Bud hunted him diligently too.

He called him 59 days in a row and finally got in to see him by remembering not only his birthday, but the fact that Gordon loved good Cuban cigars.

Did you ever try something like that?

Why is it that we don’t make our “Gekko” phone call (or only try to reach a “Gekko” once or twice and then give up?)

Is it that we’re scared?

Feel we aren’t worthy?

Perhaps some bullsh*t inner voice giving us an excuse or belittling us for daring to think big?

Or maybe it’s that we have all this other “stuff” we’re thinking about and we don’t give it any thought.

I hope you’ll allow yourself to dream again . . .

And make your “Gekko” phone call . . .

TODAY, not tomorrow!

Oh, and guess what?

You are worthy!

I know it, and you know it . . .

All you need to do is let “Gekko” know it!

I triple dog dare ya!

I work with individuals and organizations to create new levels of awesome! Click here if you dare!

  • Love it Paul!

  • Thanks C3PBRO!

    See that . . . I’m changing it up dude! 🙂

    Cheers buddy!

  • Lee Herrin

    You will not achieve what you cannot conceive. Thank you for the reminder! Aiming higher – ready go!

  • I love it Lee . . . Go get ’em!

  • Cheers Pauly!

  • Never give up, they may not need what your offering today but they may need it tomorrow or the day after or the day after that. Situations and needs change so keep trying eventually your Gekko call may pay off. Great Movie by the way.

  • Thanks Steve!

    I love that movie!

  • I “started” to land an elephant about four weeks ago. It felt, and still feels great! But I have to admit … I have not made an elephant call since … today changes that! Thanks for the reminder.

  • That’s what I love to hear Mark!

  • Melissa Sienicki

    This post is a great confidence booster, and that’s what’s needed: confidence. Your potential customers can hear it in your voice and it makes all the difference!

  • Great point Melissa!


  • You are so right Paul. Sometimes called your “Chicken List”.

  • Here’s to the “chicken list” Jim!


  • Norm

    Reminds me of another flick, Galaxy Quest. The mantra repeated by our heroes throughout was “never give up” and they bravely went on, against extremely long odds, to defeat the evil aliens.

  • Or any of the Police Academy movies where they had no mantra . . . only the same exact script from the previous movie.

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