Do Evil Empires Inspire Performance?

by Paul Castain on April 26, 2011

A very successful CEO once told me that he felt every business needed to compete against a company they wanted to annihilate!

He felt that this level of competitiveness drives performance in both his company and with his competitor making them both better for it.

He also stated that this level of competitiveness drives service and the clients are better for it too.

Now just to be clear, we’re not talking about doing anything illegal, unethical or immoral.

Before you write this off as aggressive, this mentality is alive and well with not only certain businesses and industries but it also exists in Sports.

Think I’m kidding?

Go ahead and tell everyone in NY Yankees territory that you are a Sox fan. I’m sure I’m not going out on a limb when I say that if I wear my Yankees Jersey up in Boston no one will be buying me a beer any time soon.

Now as aggressive as this type of relationship is people believe it drives performance and a better experience for the fans.

So what are your thoughts . . .

Should we seek a peaceful coexistence or can the concept of a (professionally executed) Evil Empire relationship serve our business?

I’d appreciate your thoughts!

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