Do You Simplify Or Complicate?

by Paul Castain on April 12, 2013

Sometimes when we present our thoughts and ideas to others we go over the top technical, clinical and take the scenic route when simple might have been better.

We tend to think that big words and technical terms impress when in fact, they might discourage.

If someone doesn’t know what you’re talking about they might lack the confidence to ask you to “dumb it down”.

Funny thing about us humans . . .

We tend to avoid the things that make us uncomfortable!

It can best be visualized by a 7 foot body guard putting his arm across you telling you “Don’t go in there”.

The body guard goes by the name of “EGO”.

Unfortunately, everyone loses when that happens!

That’s it . . . a simple message today . . . about simplifying YOUR message!

FYI . . .

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