Do You Try To Reach Prospects After 5:00?

by Paul Castain on June 26, 2013

So here it is 5:00 ish on the east coast and I know, for a fact, many of you stopped calling prospects hours ago.

Do you think there’s value in trying to reach decision makers after 5:00 or do you think they haul ass out of their office right on time?

I knew a multi millionaire many years ago who did his best work after 5:00.

In someways it was because there were no gatekeepers and when you really think about it, there probably aren’t many people people blowing up their phone after 5:00, but he was convinced it was for another reason . . .

He felt like they were in a more casual mood after hours and their guard was down.

But who cares what he thinks.

He isn’t you!

Do YOU think there’s value in trying to reach prospects after 5:00 and if you think there isn’t, how old is that information?

In other words . . .

When was the last time you tried?

And please don’t misinterpret what I’m saying.

I want you to get home at a Godly hour but . . .

I’m wondering if there’s a downside to picking up a phone and trying after 5:00?

FYI . . .

Here’s something you can do when your competitors mentally shut down this summer.

  • Scott Conway

    Not only should you try but it is essential! Try before 8:00 AM too, you would be suprised what kind of hours these people are putting in. Just try and keep it to your elevator speech they don’t have time for much more, then try and get a follow up call or e-mail addresss.

  • Jim Koontz

    Paul, I call decision makers after 5:00 pm all the time, in both my job in Commercial/Fleet Auto Sales and in my business Financial Planning. For different reasons.
    For the job, for the reasons you stated, gatekeepers gone, decision maker still there, more relaxed, time to talk and identify needs and solutions.
    For my business, personal financial planning, it is the time when they can deal with their personal situation and not their job. They are home with their spouse and family. I make it a point to not interrupt their dinner hour. Sometimes I catch them during dinner, and must contact them at another time.
    Jim Koontz

  • Cindy Joy Tahil

    Great question and topic Paul! Oddly enough, I was faces with this decision TODAY at 5:15, and chose NOT to call the customer. This was a new breakfast/lunch customer whose only phone # I had was his home#, and I chose not to interfere with family time after 5. I’ll have to try again tomorrow ! Great question! Really made me think about my decision.

  • paulcastain

    Great point Richard!

    Thank you!

  • Chuck

    I agree Paul. when I was in management I stayed until 6 each night so I could actually get something done. And many times customers were surprised when I picked up the phone instead of the after hours machine.
    I don’t call much after 5 but I do send out E mails between 8-10PM as I think of things while I am putzing around the house. I tell my customers my phone is on and I am available from 6AM until 10PM. You can call anytime between those hours.
    I will even call on Sunday afternoons or evenings so I am the first one in their voice mail on Monday morning.

  • paulcastain

    You’ve given us lots of great ideas there Chuck . . . Thank you so much!

  • John Prothero

    I may be the only dissenting voice here, but I will confess that I have not tried calling potential (and that may be the key here) clients after even 4:30 PM. Clients, yes, I’ll call, or respond to emails at any time. But if I’m prospecting (and I’m still only 4 months as a new sales rep, so all my calls are prospects), I don’t wish to irritate them by calling at a time when they are trying to wind down the day and go home. However, I see the value of staying late, and will actually add that to the “mix”.

  • paulcastain

    Good point John!

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